December 18, 2020

Where’s My Refund 2020

Where’s My Refund 2020 we wanted to thank beaches resorts here at Turks and Caicos for providing us the accommodations for this video okay guys we're headed. To the airport for our flight we have no idea what's in store for us all we know is, that we have to save them and the lady in red is our only lead hopefully when we land we'll have a better, idea of what's next see you when we land guys we just landed in Turks and Caicos we.

Are headed to the beaches Turks and Caicos resort we picked up our luggage and this is what we found.

We haven't touched it yet and we couldn't record inside so we had to wait and come outside to show everybody let's see what. We got it's an envelope there's a note inside if you are reading this you have arrived safely a shuttle awaits to take you to beaches Turks. And Caicos resort there you will find your next clue all right top crew we're now at BP Turks and Caicos Resort we've been, here for about two hours we've been checked. Into our room and we went and had someone hi guys we haven't seen any other clues yet we need to keep a. Lookout for both of them maybe the friend that maybe, while the lady in red was trying to communicate with us hopefully it's not the dollmaker trying to communicate either way we can't let our guard, down we are in a new place and we're chasing someone that we don't know is good or bad all right guys while we wait. We're gonna bring you along with us and show you the resort. All right guys here we go look at this beautiful garden this place look familiar we have those in Florida as well it almost.

Feels like home which brings me to the welcoming lobby all right guys let's take a look at the Welcome Reception area that we walked into a couple hours. Ago let's take a look over here at the lovely, fans some nice couches this were they greeted us and gave us some nice cool washcloths they also gave us an island punch which Mommy and Daddy enjoyed and sort, of the kids hey what's she wearing red by any chance, guys we need to take a look alright guys we just received this red envelope from the staff here at beaches Turks and Caicos let's go show the kids hey. Guys I think.

The lady in red the next clue can be found somewhere that you lay your head the answer is, not a pillow but what it sits.

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