December 18, 2020

When Can You File Taxes 2021

When Can You File Taxes 2021 those of us who haven't yet filed our taxes there may be some penalties ahead not filing taxes at all is not an option if you ever want to buy a house or a new.

Car here's channel threes Casey Freeman tax professionals say not filing taxes at all is.

Not an option if you ever want to buy a house or a new car they say tax, return history is usually one of the first things they'll ask for when making a large purchase Tracy wooden has been an attorney and certified public accountant.

For a couple of decades he says not filing your taxes could prevent banks from wanting to approve your loan for a house or car. Banks look through your paperwork to make sure you qualify for the loan.

Earning capacity your ability to repay is basically what they're looking at Wooden says the loan application process includes your.

Tax returns if there is something preventing you from getting, approved there are some options work through the process to get the liens of the taxes paid and taken care of you can, do that by hiring the professional sometimes and getting the debt settled for a fraction of the hole at times if you, have not filed your taxes then the IRS has several ways they will try to get in contact with you wooden, says the time line varies by the case however it could damage your financial status when or if your wages our other assets are become levied or begin to be levied.

By the governmental entities if you are unable to file your.

Taxes by the end of the day then you must apply for an extension that link can be, found inside the WR CB app in the studio I'm Casey Freeman Channel three Eyewitness News .

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