December 18, 2020

Wells Fargo Open Checking Account

Wells Fargo Open Checking Account and welcome back guys so today on this video we are going to talk about Wells Fargo Bank more specifically how to open up a new Wells Fargo, checking account Bank online so let's go ahead and get started so, first off if you're not familiar with Wells Fargo Bank it is one of the largest banking institutions here in the US and I have never had an account.

With them I have an account with one of the other large banking institutions but there were a couple of customer service mishaps that I don't really appreciate so. I think that it's good for me to open another account just to have a separate. Option so that's what I'm doing today so what I did is I went. Ahead and just went directly to the Wells Fargo account after that it's gonna ask you which zip code you live in so for me I just put in nine zero. Zero zero six cuz that is where.

My mailbox is all right and now it looks like it just kind of goes through the prompts I was gonna go into the branch and open an account but. You can easily open one. Online now so I'm gonna go ahead and click on this open now so here's the next pump are you. Already a Wells Fargo online banking customer I am NOT so I'll click no I'm gonna go ahead and.

Click continue alright so next it's asking me to upload a copy of my state-issued ID so I'm gonna go ahead and do that now and click on the button so this screen popped up and, it says to upload details for my ID so I'm, gonna click on this front now it has access to my camera so I'm gonna go.

And take a picture of that now alright so I went ahead and took a picture of the front of my ID now it's asking for a back photo of, my ID so I'm gonna click on there and then again the camera popped up so off screen I'm gonna.

Take a picture of the back of my driver's license alright so now I've taken, a picture of the back of my driver's license and also be sure to check the state right here so mine's California however if you live in a different state or it's. Not populating correctly just click right there and you can scroll, around and look for your state I'm gonna go ahead and click continue now alright so this green. Popped up and it says we successfully captured your information please review and fill out the info below so. It's asking for my name so I'm gonna go ahead and enter that citizenship driver's license ID number state. Issued expiration date date of birth home address and zip code and then also asks time at this address so I'm gonna go and fill this, out off-camera and then we'll go ahead and continue from there alright I went ahead and filled out all the information that we had been quested of, on this webpage I'm. Gonna go ahead and click continue now all right says it's processing my request and then this screen pops up it says they just need a few more things so let me go ahead and.

Enter that in it's asking for my email address my, phone number Social Security number occupation and then a verification that they will be checking my credit for this account so I'm going to. Do that off screen and then I'll be right back alright so I went ahead and completed, that form and I'm gonna go ahead and click continue now alright so now it's asking for my opening deposit so the, opening deposit when you're opening a new Wells Fargo checking account is the initial funds that will. Be deposited into your checking account it looks like they.

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