December 18, 2020

W9 Forms 2020 Printable

W9 Forms 2020 Printable in this video we will show you how to fill out the w-9 form so it's login and get to the form okay now you're in your back office here you will see this little, notification here that if you not have not filled out this form you will need to fill this out before you can withdraw funds if.

You're an affiliate and you have funds to withdraw you can either, click here to get to the form or you can go to the account statement and click on the w-9 form okay take you to, the same place alright so now that you're on this form we do need to get to have, you fill out this field right here your. Name um if you have a business then fill your business name here and make sure to check mark the the classification okay whether you're an individual or a corporation or what not okay next thing is, the address weather for.

Your business or for yourself city state zip right here the next thing that you will need to do is whether you're a business. Or an individual if you're a business then put in your employee ID your EIN number if you're an individual put in your. Social security number right here after that you want to sign this document and go ahead and click on the change signature here and you can sign whatever it.

Is that you need that's.

Your signature right there then click Save okay go to this field enter the the date and then.

Go ahead and click Submit form okay this is the information that we will use to transfer over to your 1099 form that we will.

Send out at the end of the year if you had made Commission with us all right with that said, much success to your business thank you .

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