December 19, 2020

W4 Forms 2020 Printable

W4 Forms 2020 Printable how to fill out W for single 20/20 welcome to our channel clear value tax my name is Brian Kim I'm a certified public accountant and in today's video we will walk you through how to, fill out the w-4 if, you are single so this video is for the wt4 20/20 Edition this is completely different than the 2019 Edition so this video is. Aimed at those people who are single and are not working more than one job at a time so if you're single and you're working more than one, job at a time or you are married you know.

That's a different scenario and please see my other video about the full w-4 tutor tutorial walkthrough so the, most easiest scenario to fill out the w-4 is if you're single with one job so that's why I'm making this video aimed at that situation just to save you some time so, you don't have to walk through those more complex situations so this will be a time saver so I hope you enjoy. We're gonna walk through the form please stay tuned welcome to the w-4 2020 so let's go line by line let's start at, the very top this should be very quick because again this is a situation where, you're single working one job at a time so here this should be self-explanatory step one. Asking for your first name middle initial your last name your social security number your address and then you're gonna be marking off this box of, single so again in this scenario you are not working multiple jobs.

And you are not married so this section is completely inapplicable to you so we're just going to, skip on to step three step three is where you're claiming dependents so if you have qualified children under age. 17 or you have other dependents most commonly it would be you're supporting a parents or parents so they would be, dependents so in these situations you would receive a tax credits which would reduce your taxes so in that situation you want to take. That into account so that your payroll.

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