December 18, 2020

Virginia Tax Refunds 2020

Virginia Tax Refunds 2020 hi everyone Clint Thomas here from rkn you know I have some good news sometimes you do catch a break and it's a small break but sometimes it's, still you know cash in your pocket the state of Virginia the General Assembly before, they broke session earlier this year they actually passed a benefit to Virginia Virginia taxpayers of they're gonna be sending you.

A check as long as you file your Virginia 2018 tax return by the end of June so here in a couple weeks they're gonna send you a check for $110, if you're single or they'll send you a check for $220 if.

You're married filing joint to offset the I guess the tax hit that some folks took by the recent tax law changes I guess about.

A year ago now with the tax cut and Jobs Act, of 2017 you know how it limited the state local tax deduction to ten thousand so the due to the ramifications of that one of the things the General Assembly did was they wanted to. Give back and reimburse the taxpayers of Virginia, the Commonwealth in some fashion for the effect of the new federal law so the as long as you have a tax liability after application of any deductions credits or other subtractions then. You'll get a check for, again either 110 or 220 based on your filing status and you can expect those to be coming in the mail sometime the first two. Weeks of October so again you got to follow your Virginia 2018, return by the end of June this year and you'll get a check in the mail by between October 1st and October 15th and, my only advice is do not spend it in one place all right have a good day collect thomas with our key and we're guiding, you forward by .

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