February 6, 2021

Turbotax Deluxe 2024

Turbotax Deluxe 2024 welcome to home biz tax talk my name is lissandra Everett I am the home-based tax lady where I help home business owners win the tax game home biz tax talk airs Monday through Friday. 9:00 o'clock ish and when you tune into my show you're gonna hear about, topics that are important to the home business community but today we're talking about some more tea you guys alright so I want to say a couple weeks ago ProPublica revealed that, at home tax tax prep software companies were hiding their free file options from Google they intentionally change their, code. So that their free file would not turn up in Google search results okay now these same companies made an agreement with the IRS to prefer to provide a free file option for low, income filers so that the IRS would, not create their own okay so their agreement was hey a IRS will create a you know a free file option for low income filers so you don't do. It and basically compete with us right so that was the deal now ProPublica came and bust them all out because Pro Publica is who figured. Out that hey they've been hiding this free file option and so. Now the update is that the Intuit CEO sent out this video you guys saying that hiding free TurboTax was in the best. Interest of the taxpayers so he now the understanding with the low income fathers because.

It you know they promised to create a free file version for people that make less than thirty four thousand dollars well nine times out of ten if you, make $34,000 especially if you have.

A family you're gonna be receiving some Earned Income Tax.

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