December 18, 2020

Turbotax Deluxe 2021

Turbotax Deluxe 2021 hey Dustin tivity our financial adviser with jazz wealth managers how you doing today hope you had the good holidays everything's cool, put the stuff away trees thrown away and all that good stuff you happen to watch TV you see the tax preparation services are already advertising, it's like they they just sort of overwhelm the people that are you know I'm gonna go work out for the new year and everything tax filing time do. Your taxes it's time to focus on this because you. Know those tax bills are coming in I want to talk to you about getting your taxes done for free though actually you know you can do that you don't have to pay. Those software companies they. But if you want to you can but the IRS actually offers this for free for a lot of people actually 140 million of you guys out there so. I want to share this with you because tax law is ridiculous right prior to the new tax law being implemented there were over 10 million words, in, the tax code 144 thousand and change were added every single year how do you keep up with that makes you just want to give up just say here $200 just go do my taxes or whatever it costs, cuz I can't I can't keep up with all this, stuff okay I understand it there but a lot of us are, like came in I don't want to spend that money I don't have that money why should I have to spend that money you guys made me. Pay the taxes give me a way to pay the taxes here for you here so here's what you got the IRS says will they actually have a free software, it'll actually guide you just like turbo tax or H&R Block and everything it's called free file wrote it up. There for you so you can see you, just go look for free file from the IRS there and if you earned less than seventy thousand dollars in.

2019 it's a hundred percent free it'll guide you through doing your taxes you can file them you can even file your state.

Taxes if you have state taxes in your area you can file a state return it's a hundred percent. Free for people that earn less than seventy thousand dollars pretty awesome right so before you go spend that money anywhere from, forty dollars it like a basic TurboTax kind of thing to a couple hundred dollars to go have a person, do it for you your tax guy or whatever consider doing it for free save the, extra dough do something extra with it there because according to Social Security that's, about a hundred and forty million people that earned less than $70,000 in 2019 so it's called Free File I hope you check that out just go. See if it's something that fits you there the IRS is offering it oh you notice another one up there Veta right it's the Volunteer Income Tax.

Assistance Program Vita is what it's called there and this is for people that earned a little bit less if you earned less than fifty. Nine thousand dollars in 2019 which according. To Social Security I just looked it up 120 million obvious oh I still a lot of people earn less than fifty nine thousand dollars in 2019 they'll. Actually help you this is actually an assistance program where they'll, just kind of guide you through it make sure you don't trip up on anything versus. Doing the the the TurboTax version the Free File where you're sort of walking through a software program so if you found that you earn, a little bit less on under fifty nine thousand consider looking that up as well just Google Search Vita or the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program and maybe something you want to, do now if you're elderly I disagree with this term elderly but it's means 60-plus, right if you're over the age of 60 or sixty the IRS considers you elderly and if.

You happen to earn less than fifty six thousand dollars there's something called the tax counseling for the elderly I believe. It's the TCE is what it's called tcu for short and so basically what that is is volunteer, programs there's maybe some in your area where people actually help you do your taxes if you are over the, age of sixty and you earn less than fifty six thousand dollars it's free right and these people by the way that help. You do this I've heard a lot of great things about this because these are people that have spent years doing taxes.

And they're used they're of a certain. Age sixty plus so they themselves are also personally dealing with IRA distributions Social Security things like that so it's a great place to, go find somebody you like and get free help for that as well so there you go how to get your taxes done, free in 2020 if you earn more than the seventy thousand dollars you you may have more complicated financial situation of course get a. Tax professional I'm not in any way saying you go use this it.

Wouldn't be I mean it's they offer the free fillable forms but it's not technically free at that. Point you got to use something else but you have free file available to you if you're in the low to mid income level, according to the IRS you've also got volunteer tax assistance and you also have help for the elderly so consider using some of that. Before you decide to go.

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