December 19, 2020

TurboTax Audit Defense

TurboTax Audit Defense hello everyone our business coach Wade and welcome back to amazing resources you one-stop resource help you make money save money and add convenience. To get everyday life right now on the website of tax audit protection and I will put a link in the description fill the video that bring you directly to this. Website now when it comes to tax audit protection what its gonna do it's gonna. Allow you to maintain your peace of mind with an audit protection membership because over a million US taxpayers are audited, by the IRS each year many tax experts report the IRS.

Is planning to increase tax audit it responded to artist and IRS correspondence can cost taxpayers hundreds of dollars and several hours of preparation and stress an audit protection membership with audit.

Protection pros can save you time and help relieve stress in the event of an IRS tax audit so with the membership, audit protection pros will provide audit protection for both federal and state.

Income tax returns in the event of an audit for full three years they provides professional review assistance and guidance responding to the IRS inquiries, audits and letters for both federal and state audits offers a $2,500 tax preparer error guarantee so if a.

Legitimate tax preparer error is made during the filing of a tax return the client and/or IRS may be reimbursed expenses up to $2,500 there's also, identity theft assistance in, the event a client experienced tax-related identity theft they assist clients during the process by completing the appropriate paperwork needed to get the clients tax return successfully filed.

And assist in helping the client obtain an IRS identity protection pin get expert representation for just 3995 per tax year again that's just 3995 per, tax year just get that peace of mind of having tax audit protection again the link will be in the description, field of this video that bring you directly to.

This website thank you again for watching amazing resources your one-stop resource to help you make money save money in active in.

Ian's to everyday life .

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