January 22, 2021

TurboTax 2024

TurboTax 2024 if you can’t e-file your tax return, you’llneed to print and mail it instead. For security reasons, we can’t mail yourreturn to you or the IRS. If you don’t have a printer, you can. Printyour tax return at a library, a print and, ship store, or a friend’s home. Before you print, make sure Adobe Reader isinstalled on the computer because you’ll need it to print your return. Most, computers already have it. Go to TurboTax.com from any computer witha printer and sign in to your account.. Click to open your return. And after the screen loads, select File. When you get to the e-file screen, click. Changeand select File by mail. Follow the instructions, and your return willopen in Adobe Reader. You can print from here, or save a copy toa thumb drive to print from another computer. For. More answers to your questions, visitTurboTax.com/support.

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