December 19, 2020

TurboTax 2022

TurboTax 2022 if you worked as a freelancer or contractorlast year, you probably received a 1099-MISC. Although both forms show your earnings, a1099-MISC is different than a W-2. A W-2 shows how much money you. Made from anemployer and the taxes withheld from your paycheck., But when you work for yourself, there’sno employer to withhold taxes from your paycheck. TurboTax will calculate any taxes you mayowe on your 1099-MISC, including Social Security and Medicare tax. And don’t worry, if you already. Paid taxes on your income, TurboTax will prompt you to enter that information.. After inputting your 1099-MISC, TurboTax willask you a few simple questions to ensure your income is entered correctly. Don’t forget, if you’re working. As a contractor,you can reduce your taxes by entering business related expenses such as mileage and phonebills. For more answers to your, questions, .

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