December 18, 2020

Turbotax 2021

Turbotax 2021 hello everyone this is Matthew for my love free software TV in this video I'm going to show you how to file tax online for free using the turbo tax free file program first of all go to the TurboTax, website you will find, the link for it in the description below once on the website click on the see if you qualify button to. Find out if you can file your taxes for free you will be asked some questions if your answer is yes to any one of them then you qualify, for the free filing option now click on start TurboTax free file program button you will be.

Asked to create an account and login after you do that you will be taken to your dashboard where the website will start asking you questions the first, section is about your personal information like name date of birth occupation social security number marital status etc once you are done.

Filling in this.

Information then you move on to the income section in here you get two options in the first one the website will walk.

You through all the income categories step by step whereas in the second one you will be shown categories and you can choose which ones you, want to work on let's start the income section by entering w2 information and for the w2 information is received by you when you are done. Entering the info you will be shown a refund amount on your screen click the continue button and you will be shown.

A screen to see if some uncommon situations apply to your w2 choose accordingly, and click continue you can add, another w2 if you have one now you can move on to other income options like unemployment received retirement income interest income rental income business income etc then we move on to the deductions and credits section here you.

Will be shown categories like property taxes mortgage interest earned income credit etc once you are done with this, section you will be asked if you want to enter. Sales tax information choose accordingly and click continue now you will be shown. The best option for you to go with amongst standard deduction or itemized deduction in.

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