December 18, 2020

Travel vs Cash Back Cards

Travel vs Cash Back Cards hey guys so today we are talking about what for the best credit cards for 2019 and if you want to learn how to get the most, credit card points and earn the highest amount of cash back and keep watching because I'm gonna reveal my three top, cards for mid 2019 I've got over 2.4 million airline miles in my accounts and have traveled to more than 39 different destinations with my wife for free using points, and keep watching until the end because I've gotten, a massive sign up on this that's the highest out there right now and I'm gonna share with you so you can get the most points to travel or get the most, cash back for free hey guys my name is Andrew wise here at life taylors. We teach you how to make life amazing we share with you, amazing life facts it save you money or upgrade your life and every Monday we publish new videos that are gonna save you money, or upgrade your lifestyle make sure to subscribe and hit the belt so.

You never miss any of our life hacks and if you want to see how far points and miles can take.

You then to follow us on instagram at life tailored now before we get started let me know down below why are you watching this video do you want to learn how to, travel for free or you want to earn the most cash.

Back and you may be asking yourself why am i creating this video it's mid 2019 and I've already done a video on my top. 20 19 travel cards and the reason we're doing this video, is because city prestige made a huge announcement this past week they removed trip delete protection baggage solid protection purchase protection and a ton of other built-in features you expect from a premium credit card I enlisted, this car that's one of my top cards of 2019 but sadly as things change as features get added or. Removed I have to update the content so that's why right now in mid 2019 we've got new.

Top travel cards new top cash back cards and updating the list with new information so you guys are. Always prepared to get the best value whenever you're. Signing up for a card so the three cards I'm talking about today are. All part of the chase family you may call it the chase trifecta you may call it the trace buy factor whatever you want to call it these three cards all have protection trip, delayed protection baggage protection and the reason this is so important to us is we had an incident, back in st. Barths this past December where my bag was lost and it was, a total nightmare so now any car that get I'm always making sure to have this protection it's a protection that everybody overlooks I know I overlooked it and never. Really thought about it. But it's just like anything you want to be prepared when the fit hits the shann you want to be there. To protect yourself and Chase has your back with these protections so since these are all chase credit cards they all fall under the ultimate rewards, umbrella and that means you get the twelve different transfer partners there are nine airline transfer partners and there were three hotel partners my favorite partners, are United Southwest Airlines Singapore Hyatt and Marriott and there are all sorts of other partners that you can use to fill in the gaps.

When you're scheduling out a trip, so what's so important about picking a chase card versus an airline branded card is you get all these. Different transfer partners and the reason the transfer partners are important is part of the strategy of getting the most value per point is being able to transfer to different award charts that. May have the flight you need for the least amount of points so it's a quick example if you were to, fly from JFK, to Rome on Delta Airlines cost about 225,000 miles now if you're a team that same flight using Aeroplan it can be only 80,000 miles so knowing how the transfer points and where the transfer points it. Can save you a ton of points and really make your miles get stretched that much farther so you can travel. To more places and live the life your dreams and in terms of chase Ultimate. Rewards points they've allowed us to fly our favorite. Product in the sky it's the Singapore Suites class and it's basically the private bed in the sky that we fly from JFK the Frankfurt and it's our.

Preferred way to get to Europe so this flight itself is eight thousand, dollars but for us the only cost is about three hundred dollars in taxes and 86,000 miles per point that's around eight cents per point and it's a phenomenal way, to redeem those points and that's. Really what motivated me to get into credit card points and that's what I hope resonates with you guys if you. Want to learn how to book this flight and the ins and outs of all that sort of stuff I've got a link down below with a. Complete Blagh walkthrough and they've also got a link to our youtube review of the Singapore sweets, class but now on to the top three credit cards of 2019 so the kick things off I've got my new favourite card that everybody needs to have in their wallet and it's the, chase freedom unlimited card so this, card earns three ex points on the first 20k in spent for the first year basically how I think about this card is this card is mine on bonus category. Spend card so say I'm buying a new pair of shoes at footlocker I use my chase freedom unlimited if I'm purchasing something. On Etsy like this wall map I'm gonna use my chase freedom unlimited card basically this. Is the card that you have in your wallet, where any purchase it doesn't fall under travel or dining or any other bonus category that's what the chase freedom unlimited is for it's the card you're walking around with buying stuff. Around the city around your town where you don't get that. Bonus category but instead you're getting three x points with the chase freedom unlimited bonus it's a fantastic card that has zero annual fee and it's part of the chase family and allows. You to earn these points you can transfer your weight to different hotels and airline partners now my next card, is my go to travel and dining cart its the Chase Sapphire, Reserve hey there it's 3x points on travel and dining taste a 300 dollar annual travel credit which I, apply directly to my uber account but it comes with a $450 annual fee that annual fee is. Massive and if it seems like a bit of a sticker shock to you also recommend the Chase Sapphire Preferred which earns 2x. Points on travel and dining and has only a ninety five dollar, annual fee and they also have a 60 thousand point signup bonus right now but the reason I love the chase half-hour reserve is I spend a ton of money on travel and dining, and.

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