December 18, 2020

Traditional IRA Income Limits 2020

Traditional IRA Income Limits 2020 all right so like Steve said my name is Jesse Brubaker I do see a lot of feeling your faces here so I think most of you, have probably already seen me at an info session but for those of you that didn't I'm the operations manager the program you. Bet that very least you've probably received an email or two from me so I don't have quite.

The tenure that Steve has but I've only been with the vitae program for two tax, seasons now but I do have a very similar story in the sense that when I started with the vitae program you know I originally I was just thinking of it as a, resume builder I did, it as an internship in college and I was thinking that it was just that extra thing that I could put on, my resume to go out and get that next bigger better thing but at the time I had never considered that vitae itself, would become that bigger and better thing and you know it didn't take long just a few weeks into the program I I fell in love with it and I just absolutely loved. The value that we were providing. To the community and the opportunity that we were creating in the lives of these low-income filers so I want to thank all. Of you for being here because you know it's it's you're volunteering and it's your interest and and you know compassion to go out there and help these low-income filers that. Keeps that dream, rolling so thank you very much for being here today so the the way that we're gonna go through the. Training this morning if I can get the PowerPoint to work there we go is we're first gonna go through just an overview of the training process so you've already got a little bit of this. At your info session so some of its gonna sound a little bit like review but for many of you your info session. May have been over a month ago so I don't think that's a, bad thing and also we do want to just take a look at training in a bit, of a different light than we did before and go over some things that you will not have heard yet then we want. To take a look at an overview of scheduling. And how we use that volunteer portal I should I did send you an email you should have received, that a lot of you did sign up for this training session in that software but I just want to go over so little intricacies and details on, how that software works I also want to take the time to introduce you to a lot of the materials we. Used I'm sure we you know I'm sure you noticed that when you walked in we gave you a, pile an absolute pile of stuff you are not going to. Necessarily read that book front to back today but.

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