December 18, 2020

Tax Season 2020

Tax Season 2020 boy Jeremy a coast-to-coast custom big things are happening this year man 26 inch brush rows foods to be nice yes that's correct they were brushed rose gold something completely different with the. 7 inch lip on there this dog is going to be bananas weights you guys, check it out let me show you some new stuff you got going on inside check these out yeah run hold 26 inch board.

Giotto's brandish nails a little bit though the Sabine's always doing we don't stick with one brand we, have all your brand's Asante core 4g idol oh we got Ruchi whatever you guys want to do we'll do a minute I got some.

Crazy deals check this out guys come over here come over come come 28 inch Asante this is one.

Piece of sake this is matte black and it's only built in six like this one I got.

It for $2,500 brand new wheels and brand, new tires you heard it 25 bucks 28 check it out Oh 25:24 like some 22s like 1500 crew Seenu designs always, something new we're gonna be giving away so many wheels this year check this out always floating orgy floating cap you, can drive and that dude stands out that F just stands out and you see specl concave 26 built for a dog, yes somebody wants to be completely there or just bill conti TCL this is different big.

Cap this is somebody who wants to be custom and be unique and stand out rose gold so bees there I mean just gonna, come out mass and nasty chrome Sabinas here croco we can stir right no we, never look mad the brush Bowl and you have the rule 26 over there and this in 2020 is going to be huge this year man coast-to-coast got great deals especially snack time I'll, work out any deal me or add them up there in Jacksonville you can hit us up anytime and.

Nine five and y'all know the number man just hit us up anytime go to the Instagram go to the Facebook Coloradas call anybody when you.

Call Adam, culture car rally car clock Jason we even talk to me always be good at peace .

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