December 18, 2020

Tax Relief

Tax Relief all right now New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is making an announcement in Hackensack he's expected to talk about tax fairness and property tax relief for the state let's listen in today and I'll come back and thank. The distinguished folks I'm standing with and in the audience just want to say something that is off topic earlier this morning. The New Jersey. Department of Health released a request for applications to further expand the state's medical marijuana program when I took office last year so this. Is January of a year ago New Jersey had 17,000 patients in our medical marijuana, program 17,000 today we have about 47,000 patients with nearly 3,000 patients joining the program each month to meet the rapidly increasing patient need in our state the Department of Health again this is hot, off the press is seeking up to 24 additional cultivators 30 additional manufacturers and 50 four additional dispensaries so that's a total. Of a hundred and eight new alternative treatment centers meeting these needs is vital to our ongoing work. Of ensuring a medical marijuana program that, is more accessible to more patients and which ensures a supply of high-quality man this medicinal cannabis needed to meet demand and at lower prices we have listened to. The concerns of patients patient advocates doctors and the growers and dispensaries already participating in our medical marijuana program on how we can best move. Forward this RFA is a result of this continued outreach, our goal is to ensure a medical marijuana program that is as robust as it is compassionate. Our continued search for reputable partners in this effort is key to our success and I look forward to the department making progress in. Identifying these new partners and bringing them online so thank you for allowing me to make note of that again good morning.

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