March 2, 2021

Tax Refund Calculator 2022

Tax Refund Calculator 2022 welcome to today's edition of crypto corner at investor ideas calm news on what's driving the cryptocurrency market this podcast was sponsored by cryptocurrency payment technology. Flip a creation of Fed pay Inc a leading provider of cutting-edge payment technology and a subsidiary of next ID traded on the Nasdaq under. The ticker symbol NXT D next idea is a provider of health care devices as well. As payment credential management and authentication platform services and learn more about how to order clip at clip to pay calm a folks and mauers here back with another episode, of crypto corner for news today the, market is very much in the red after losing thirty billion dollars yesterday the SEC has begun proceedings for a Bitcoin ETF H&R Block is offering services for crypto tax calculation and crypto. Shopping app fold has raised two point. Five million dollars in a funding round so the crypto market plummeted in a big way yesterday losing roughly.

Thirty billion dollars u.s. from its total market cap in the space of an hour and that's according to data from coin market cap the majority of coins listed by market cap saw percentage, losses in the double digits Bitcoin for one dropped about 12 percent bringing it to a trading price of eight thousand four, hundred and fifty.

Dollars at press time alt coins for the most part fared no better Bitcoin cash for instance suffered particularly bad with the loss of 21.4% an article from coin desk speculates that the losses are being driven by a, frenzied sell-off and may. Have been exacerbated by margin calls and contract liquidations on the crypto exchange bit mix though prices have stabilized somewhat since the drop the incident has prompted prominent Bitcoin, basher Peter Schiff the CEO of euro pacific capital to.

Tweet quote Bitcoin has finally broken below the support line of the large descending triangle it has been carving out for months this is a very bearish technical pattern and it confirms, that a major top has been established the risk is high for rapid, descent down to $4,000 or lower and quote it's worth bearing in mind though that mr., Schiff has been predicting the demise of Bitcoin for many years now so that's just one point of view all.

Right the US Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC has begun proceedings in consideration of a proposed rule change which would allow the New York Stock Exchange ARCA to list trade. Shares of Wilshire phoenixes Bitcoin and Treasury investment trusts this.

Deliberation follows the ICC's decision to delay proceedings on the Wilshire Phoenix Bitcoin ETF back in August the SEC has actually yet to decide on any proposed, Bitcoin ETFs tax services provider H&R block which is traded on the New, York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol HR B has introduced a service directed at cryptocurrency users to help calculate, tax obligations this follows the Internal Revenue Service or IRS sending out some 10,000 letters to crypto investors requiring amendments to their return andy phillips the director and the tax institute at H&R block said, quote..

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