December 18, 2020

Tax Refund Calculator 2021

Tax Refund Calculator 2021 so you want to invest in stocks but youhave no idea how to do your taxes you're stressing out oh man how am I gonna dothis I don't know anything about taxes this video is for you if you, want tolearn how to do, your taxes welcome back to the channel guys my name is BruceWang in today's video we're gonna go over.

The Robin Hood investment challengeand how I did my taxes for my stock portfolio on Robin Hood so this is howI'm gonna do the layout for this video I'm gonna go over, my portfolio reallyquickly and also do my weekly buying of my, stocks and for part two I'll be goingover how I did my taxes for my stocks today's. Episode is gonna be a little bitdifferent today because we have no more Robin Hood rewards so let's just jumpright into the screen share and take a look at, the portfolio in the Robin Hoodchallenges I deposit $100 into my portfolio every single week I trade bycell but mostly my favorite of all is I, collect dividends today my portfolio isnot looking so good I'm down.

About fifteen dollars on the day about half apercentage of my portfolio I'm actually really disappointed because I thoughtthat today my portfolio. Would be worth $4,000 but it is not right now myportfolio is, three thousand nine hundred seventy three dollars and forty threecents on the day I am down about $16.50 on the week I'm down about ten bucks onthe month I'm still looking pretty good up almost.

Nine I'm up about nine percentthree hundred thirty three dollars on the three months chart I'm, up sevenhundred twenty-five dollars twenty two percent twenty two percent gain in thelast three, months is insane on the year it's roughly the same $731 twenty twopercent and on the all-time chart I'm so lucky, that I am finally up againtwo hundred eighty dollars about seven point five, percent of the entireportfolio but like I said on today it is not looking so good in my currentportfolio today I have about twenty five different individual stocks and myportfolio, is weighed more towards real estate investment trusts so justscrolling down really quickly, you can see that it is a red day and I'm down onmost of my stocks except for just a few today I have about $162 of buying powerand I'm going to purchase some.

Stocks from my portfolio currently, I'm actuallylooking.

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