December 18, 2020

Tax Preparation Software 2023

Tax Preparation Software 2023 hey guys welcome to today’s video and in today’s video we’re gonna talk about early seizing marketing for your tax preparation business bookkeeping business and when, you should be focusing on when it comes to your marketing and how you’re gonna get clients for the 2019 tax season in 2020 so quick introduction welcome if you are new, to me my name is Krista I am in a row agent by the Internal Revenue Service and I. Also teach tax professionals. Bookkeepers Accountants CPA’s on how to leverage social media to get clients consistently and to build a multiple six-figure firm so welcome if you’re new hit the subscribe button and check out all. Of the videos that I have for you guys on starting and, growing your own virtual tax and bookkeeping firm alright so let’s get into some marketing because you know we are in the fourth quarter of 2019 we are almost close to. Tax season and a lot of you want to know when should you, start your marketing for your tax preparation services how should you do your marketing for your tax preparation services and just. How and what is the best way to get clients right so I want to talk to you a little bit about how you should be, focusing your marketing efforts and what exactly you should be focusing on now until you know tax season, starts to roll around and commence so let’s start by talking about you, know really what the problem occurs or really what happens with most tax professions that tax professionals that I know they typically wait until the last minute to do their marketing, so they typically, wait until the end of December they typically don’t start marketing until January and they think that they are just going to get out there with the, sign have somebody shaking a sign they think that they’re just going to do you know a whole bunch of. Guerrilla marketing as far as flyers and pass them out to everybody that just says get your you know your biggest refund here and the problem with that is there is so., Much more competition now right so everybody is doing that all of the new tax offices are doing it plus the existing, offices that are already been in business they are doing the exact same thing every season and you. Know what used to work in the past what used to be very effective you know 5 10 15 years ago is starting to. Dwindle it’s becoming less and less effective because more and more people are doing it and the in consumer the people that all the taxpayers that neither taxes file they just have so, many more options now and you guys all start to sound the same. When you create your fliers the exact same way when all you talk about is get your biggest refund here or get your refund advance loan here because nowadays. We all can offer a refund advance loans right. We all can provide the biggest refund if we know tax law and know, the appropriate credits and deductions to get our.

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