February 22, 2021

Tax Preparation Software 2022

Tax Preparation Software 2022 welcome guys is krysta Tyus here and in today’s video I want to talk about some misconceptions and mistakes that you don’t want to make when you are starting your tax. Business so welcome if you are new to me my. Name is Krista I am in a row agent by the Internal Revenue Service and I also teach tax professionals bookkeepers Accountants CPA’s and financial coaches on how to use social media to get more tax and bookkeeping clients consistently, with my program tax and accounting clients. On demand so I want to actually walk back down memory lane and talk about some of the mistakes that I made when I started my tax business some misconceptions that. You know that really caused me a lot of heartbreak and pain so my intention is to, really give you guys you know these things to avoid or these misconceptions to avoid so your journey can be a, lot easier you don’t have to go through the heartbreak and pain that I. Went through and that I really wish that I had this information when I first started several years ago, so if you are new to me and you like the. Type of content hit the subscribe button come on join the community welcome to the family alright so let’s get into the misconceptions and mistakes to avoid when you are starting your tax business so number one the. Biggest misconception that I thought was I had to, have a traditional office now mind you I started my tax business back in 2012 and of course you see big brands such as H&R Block or, Liberty tax or Jackson Hewitt you even see other mom-and-pop, tax offices and you see that they all have their own storefront like these were individual storefronts maybe there were storefronts in a strip mall or maybe in an actual mob but they had some sort, of real estate, and because I felt like I had to have a traditional office to be taken seriously to really be professional it caused me, a lot of heartbreak and pain so here’s why one to rent out a traditional office space like that is not cheap and.

Taxes if you are just going into it for the sole Epis of just working from January to April you are gonna, have a hard time because you have to pay rent for the entire year now there are some considerations you might be able to negotiate. A short-term lease but who wants to do.

That because you’re gonna have to move every single year right so if you negotiate a short-term lease every tax, season you have to find a new real estate you have to find a new office which is a headache your clients, are going to get confused so you are really stuck with a a year lease paying a year’s worth of real estate for a business that you aren’t only operating for, a third of the year right so for you know a quarter. Of the year what have you so you want to save yourself a lot of heartbreak and pain if this is your first couple of. Years in business you do not need to go the traditional route and get a traditional brick-and-mortar you can do one or, two options one have a virtual tax, business tax on bookkeeping business I had to train my client to work virtual because a lot of people they come to me and they say well. Krista how do people trust you virtually you know how do people. Just send over their 1099 or their w-2s once you have a process and you have a system on how you’re actually onboarding clients that. In itself builds up credibility with potential prospects and then too if you already have an existing clientele you have to train them on sending over their documents electronically, you have to coach them through that process so for years I had a traditional space caused me a lot of heartbreak and pain. Because I was shelving out. Thousands of thousands of dollars every single year and I got to a point where, I’m like I’m gonna go virtual and I literally emailed I caught I text every last one of my clients and I said this is how I’m doing business I’m virtual this is how you’re gonna send me your documents, and if you still want to be a client. You’re gonna come on board you’re gonna work how I set precedence over like you’re gonna you’re gonna work the way I work. Best right and of course I try to accommodate some people some people. Prefer you know I had older clientele that feel comfortable I really wasn’t computer savvy so they would mail in their tax documents to me I now was simply melbeck and their, tax documents but that was that, wasn’t you’re not gonna.

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