December 18, 2020

Tax Preparation Software 2021

Tax Preparation Software 2021 hey guys it's Krista Titus here and in today's video I want to walk you guys through on how to choose your virtual tax preparation software that you're going to be using for.

2020 for the 2019 tax season welcome but first if you are new to me let. Me introduce myself my name is Krista Tyus I am an a road agent by the Internal Revenue Service and I, also help tax professionals bookkeepers accountant CPAs and enro agents I show you guys how to build a multiple. Six-figure firm using social media all right so let's talk about software because we. Are heading really into 2020 for the 2019 tax season and you guys want to know what software to use. How can you are vertical and virtually some of you guys you guys don't believe that you can really work a.

Virtual tax firm you still think that clients won't trust you you know I get questions all the. Time people are like Krista well how are you know how do people trust you to do their taxes virtually how do you how do people, trust you to you know send over their personal information so I'm going. To walk you through exactly how to choose your tax software give you some really some real-world options that I use and that we're currently using. Now both me and my clients so if you are catching this and the replay go, ahead drop below and introduce yourself if you're watching this live say hi I can see you so just go ahead and introduce yourself, what city and state are you guys viewing from and yeah so we can talk about it all right so first let's talk.

About the different software options because if you are a tax professional you know that there are so many, options on the market right now and so it can really make it hard to decipher which tax software you should go with, so I want to just give you some things to keep in mind on how you want to be choosing your, software the things that you want to be looking at when you, are choosing your tax software so hey Sierra hey Kenneth so serious as she's from Foss Township Pennsylvania cannabis from Fort Hood Killian Texas Keisha is from Houston Texas hey guys. Welcome to today's video all right. So let's talk about some major important factors so before you guys were used to running you know a brick-and-mortar office you guys, are used to seeing you know tax offices on every corner you're used to going into like an H&R block or, Liberty tax but now I tell you guys now is the perfect time to really start a virtual tax firm so when you're thinking about your software you, want to make sure that they have the capabilities to work virtual so that is going to be my very first requirement, when choosing a tax software virtual ease right come on open up here is. Just virtual ease so what that means is you want to you want a software where if you were to onboard a client you, can be able to send a client a link that client can onboard themselves they'll fill out a questionnaire they will take a picture of their source, document so their w-2s or 1099s and all of that, information will be transferred securely to you right and so if you find a software like that you definitely. Want to if you find a software like that it allows you to work virtually better right so one of the requirements is onboarding how easy is it to actually. Onboard a client right how easy is it to, play w-2 and a client questionnaire alright so when you're thinking about virtual you want to, make sure that you can unbirth this client with ease so just sitting over a link you want to make sure that that client can take a picture of their w-2s or 1099s and that, that will be transferred over to you securely and you want to make sure that they do have a capability. To actually fill out a, client questionnaire to where they can type in their name their address all of their dependents information their social security number they can type in you know how much they've spent, in like a mortgage interest or something like that you can manipulate the questionnaire and all of that, information will be securely transferred over to you okay and then a most important, one is the signature so one of the requirements is that the Internal Revenue Service, you know you must have your client verify their tax return for accuracy and also fine and to attest that the information on their tax return is accurate so the client has to take. Responsibility of that return that you prepared, so you want to make sure that your software has a functionality to where you can submit their tax returns to, them and they can sign from their smartphone their PC their laptop whatever the case might be because this, is important that you guys have to get per the Internal Revenue Code all right so when you're thinking, about a software you want to make sure that these four components is really already integrated in the tax software that you don't have to use stepper systems and I told you guys this before like before you. Know I.

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