December 19, 2020

Tax Filing 2023

Tax Filing 2023 file your tax returns under seven minutes for free clear tax provides a tax filing platform that is easy free and simple the government has issued, a late filing fee of up to rupees five thousand if you don't file by 31st July all you have to do is upload form 16 review details check for tax summary and, file let's see in detail on how you can file your.

Tax return on the clear tax platform a plural form 16 provided by your employer clear, tax reads your details and publishes the tax summary if you have changed jobs in the past year.

You can upload multiple form 16 with just a click of a button cut continue e-filing your returns if you have interest income enter the same under the, tab other incomes details of rental income and interest paid on housing loan can be entered under the tab house property if you have, made a capital gain in the year by sale of shares or property declare these details under the capital gains tab. Now you can review deduction you have claimed in case you want to claim more deductions you can update, the same after reviewing and making changes accordingly clear tax shows you your tax paid summary to review the summary fill in the, bank details and other card number for verification and tax refund of payment purpose now click on proceed. To e-filing and you're done now that was easy wasn't it, don't wait any more 25 lakh Indians have filed with clear tax already now it's your turn log in to clear tax dot. In and start filing right away.

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