December 18, 2020

Tax Filing 2022

Tax Filing 2022 how do I file Back taxes with the IRS? I'm Vincenzo Villamena, CPA and founder of Online Taxman. If you're a US expat and you haven't.

Filed your taxes in a number of years, there are a few different options that really depend on your situation. The most popular one is called the Streamlined Disclosure Program. If you, qualify you would have to do this year and the prior three years taxes as well as this. Year and the prior 6 years FBAR, which is for Foreign.

Bank Account Reporting. You don't have to pay any sort of penalties, even if you owe. Now, another option is called the Informational Disclosure Program. That's, if you did file your taxes maybe but. Forgot to include some information returns, like owning a foreign company, or a filing foreign bank account. In that situation you would really just have to amend the last three years returns and include that information. Another option is.

Called the Offshore Disclosure Program. This actually recently closed and changed into a new style. Of program, which means that you can, apply for it but you have no idea what the penalties are. It would actually be determined by the person who is running an audit from, the IRS. This comes with a lot of risk because you really don't know what you're getting into and.

I really recommend thinking before doing it because it's really only for people where they have good proof of criminal intent,, and it's basically to avoid jail time. So anyone that you encounter trying to push this program I'd be very very cautious.

About it. The final way to do it is called a Quiet Disclosure. That really involves just. Doing your tax return, sending it to the IRS and hoping for the best. Again, this is also a very risky, scenario because you never know what the IRS could come back with, and could come back with some substantial fines and penalties. Go to and, schedule a free consultation, and we'll understand your situation better.

And we can give you the right and fair recommendation in order to file you back taxes correctly., Thank you. .

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