December 18, 2020

Tax Exempt Form

Tax Exempt Form hey friends today I'm going to talk to you about the thing that makes me really pissed off about being an American abroad so most Americans don't know this. Unofficially most Americans living abroad aren't aware either until the IRS shows up at their door but when you live abroad as, an American citizen you have to declare taxes and in some cases pay taxes every single year for the rest of your life for your entire life unless, you basically don't make any money I think I as a married person who doesn't have a husband with a Social Security, number so I'm obligated to you know married filing separately as the one I have to go for last time. I checked I think it would have to make, something like less than $4,000 a year if I wanted to be exempt from meetings to declare taxes it is royal pain in the butt I, have not earned an American dollar in what seven or eight years I selected this every single year it's incredibly complicated because obviously we don't.

Have w-2 forms here so you have to figure out your income convert it, into dollars and then you have to all of the extra stuff like you have to, fill out loads and loads of forms you have to fill out forms about, your foreign bank account if you ever have more than $10,000 in your bank account which I hope for you you do someday because house you're gonna buy. A house otherwise and as a freelancer living abroad it, is a pain in the butt there are so many forms to fill out you don't really know if you're doing it right I've talked quite a, few other Americans and either they don't know they have this obligation or they're doing it. And they're just crossing their fingers and hoping for the best and they have no idea I did look into hiring somebody to do my, taxes just once and I could copy it but it would cost one fourth of my income that's before taxes so after you. Take off French taxes it would be about a third of my income a third of my income four months, of income to pay this tax expert who knows all of the tax, laws and France as well as the US so that he would be able to really, truly correctly do this paperwork it's absolutely ridiculous and just so we're clear this is not a normal thing for normal countries this is only something they do in dictatorships such as North. Korea and I think the country is called a atria a teria I'm sorry if I'm pronouncing that wrong I just looked this, up on Wikipedia really fast before making this video those two countries along with the US are the only three countries in. The entire, world that have this stupid taxation of citizens abroad keep in mind I have no services from the US I don't get Medicare or Social Security.

Benefits I never will as long as I'm living abroad I never will I have, no intention to ever move back to the States and if I.

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