December 18, 2020

Tax Day Freebies 2020

Tax Day Freebies 2020 on the eleventh day of Christmas your true love gave you a flexible spending account and an FSA who needs eleven.

Pipers piping oh my gosh that would be so annoying so you want to have a flexible spending account as that gift on the 11th tax day of, Christmas now what a flexible spending account is it's really a corporate strategy it's not a small business strategy rarely do we, ever see a FSA implemented with one of our clients that's a small business owner even with 10, or 20 employees they're quite rare they're really a big corporate strategy and it's part of a cafeteria.

Plan so if any of you out there have a flexible spending account at.

Your day job or with your spouse's day job they're gonna give you a certain dollar amount and this is the user. To lose it plan and they're gonna say hey if you turn in these receipts we'll reimburse you and. It's tax free it's not included in your paycheck it's a great strategy it's an important year-end strategy especially for those again that have kind of that day job or a flexible spending account offered, through something other than.

Their small business like the reminder is you want to do this before December 31st turn in those receipts get the reimbursement because again it's a user to lose it and if we. Don't talk about it you might lose it .

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