December 18, 2020

Tax Day Deals 2020

Tax Day Deals 2020 first hey everybody pastor Sam we're out with the Tea Party Patriots happy April 15 oh happy tax day hey we're out to support our president the great Donald Trump we're out to show that we're here to.

Make America great again we're not ashamed that conservatism is coming back that American values are, coming back let me introduce them Calvin started it all hey women step right up come close.

She organized this event this is a great Tea Party Patriot what's happening in the world today like this historically the Democratic market for aborting babies. For the. Growth of government making government bigger make more rules for everybody people can know what they're voting for and don't just blindly vote for anyone or anything know your issues of where you stand I, stand for me now I heard we're even gonna beat, Sheila jackson-lee let's talk to anybody Crenn guess Sheila jackson-lee looks like you're sporting the Colombian flag here hey there's.

A conservative in all Latin America this is one of our allies Colombia Ecuador Venezuela all of them are becoming conservative plus we get, a little intervention and throw that troublemaker out of Venezuela all of, those nations are going to be conservative the Trump revolution really started in South America okay so you can't be Hispanic and just a Trump because he hates Hispanics because the, movement started in South America three major presidents Chile Argentina.

And Paraguay all happened before Trump even took office and now there's about five more to include Colombia if I'm Duke he voted out the Socialists and now we got a beautiful. Latina well-spoken and she loves conservatism she wants to be free why opened a business if it's gonna get.

Taxed out of existence that's why I'm and even the greater businesses that are providing jobs for people who need a job. And we need to continue that, movement of capitalism socialism is not allowed in America god bless in Venezuela the people were disarmed in 2015 this is almost identical to the Venezuelan flag as it.

Has stars on it because all three of these stations were part of Gran, Colombia during the Bolivarian revolution the Latin American George Washington's Simone Bolivar so these flags the yellow blue and red all come from that Bulevar en revolution they disarmed the nation of Venezuela. In 2015 and that's why there's a dictator they can tell everybody what to do there's marauding gangs in Venezuela needs, to, be stopped and if that takes a few US marines well hey I'm all for that we're not going to get disarmed I'm the founder of the. Gospel gunslingers and ava has told me that if we send her to Washington DC we get a keep our guns what's going on. And elect the right people and I believe I'm the right person for US Congress and district. 18 god bless jobs jobs and jobs so many small business people are of Latin American descent of African American descent and. They're independent business people it'.

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