February 22, 2021

Small Business Accounting Software Online

Small Business Accounting Software Online in today's video I'm going to share with you the three best accounting software is you can start using in your business for free so stay tuned what is going on you guys Nathan here from, Nathan R Jenson calm this, is your first time here in my channel welcome we talk about everything marketing entrepreneurship and investing to help entrepreneurs and business owners take. Their business to the next level online so if that fits you that sounds like something that you're interested in and wanting to get more videos on those topics go ahead and I. Invite you to, hit the subscribe button right now as well as the bail notifications button to get notified anytime I go live here with new videos on my channel okay so in today's video, we're talking about the three best accounting software's to start using your business for free so let's. Go ahead and jump on computer I'm going to show you the three counting software is right now alright guys Nathan. Here so these are the three best free ones that I found online for accounting software's just to help you get started so the first one is. Wave okay now I'm not sure if you guys have heard of any of these three. But the first one that I definitely, recommend is wave now wave is something I would recommend more for if you are a freelancer and I'll get into that here in a second but wave is a great free solution you. Know it really just if it's focusing on empowering entrepreneurs freelancers. And even small business owners okay and ultimately wave is it's hugely popular you know it's very, popular service currently at MoMA at the moment like I said a lot of people most likely you have heard of it if you haven't you obviously are. Now but it's it's a great design it's a great, platform it's a great software easy to use to help you get started with over 2 million users I mean it's one of the most successful online and. Like I said it's completely free you can invoice have receipts on the software and you know it's it's very user friendly there is no, payroll however that is include there's. No payroll service or payroll part of the software which can be a downfall but ultimately like I said invoicing accounting on, it you can accept payments okay so you can do those things for free payroll yeah you do have to pay money if you want to get, into payroll for that but wave is like I said it's more so I would say for someone who has a very small business, more so like an entrepreneur or freelance or just getting started just because simply when you go to the pricing structure of, how wave is set up again it's it's 100% free there's no accounting cost invoicing and receipts no setup fees no. Hidden charges no monthly fees the only thing your ultimate ly paying for is per transaction so when you're actually getting a client's, okay and a credit card processing transaction or a bank payment okay or bank transaction electronically so, that's what you're paying for now if you do, have payroll you can pay for waves payroll service monthly in addition to getting everything else for free but ultimate like I said that's great option for, free as a freelancer to get going graphic design, or whatever it may be that you're doing online okay so wave is a great option and it's the first of the three so highly recommend wave the next option the next accounting software that is free that,, you can use is zipbooks zipbooks is really overall an incredible software it's very robust and its features you get a lot more lot more in the features involved for free that's included with the software compared to wave. Which is a very nice plus and.

You know it's it's really nice because a lot of unfortunately a lot of free software's out there limit you on the amount of invoices you can. Set link so you can only send a handful you know 5 or 10, on a monthly basis you know a very limited amount it does and get you much if you are a freelancer that's okay. But zipbooks does give you the option and then icing like I said with features it gives you a lot more different features you.

Know unlimited invoicing a limited number of customers and your account the less restrictions, on the accounting software overall unlimited bookkeeping you can accept payments by credit card PayPal etc and, it's just it's very intuitive platform it's really something that I highly recommend to anyone getting started with your freelance or a small, business owner full time as an entrepreneur graphic designer whatever it may. Be and the nice.

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