February 27, 2021

Small Business Accounting Software

Small Business Accounting Software welcome back to Grow By Joe. In thisvideo, I'm going to talk about the best accounting software that you should beusing for your business. But more importantly, something that. You reallyshould be using along with that accounting software. So tune in and. I'mgoing to go over all that. So, what's the best business countingsoftware out there? This one's pretty simple. Don't want you to overthink thisone. But really what's, more importantly as I mentioned earlier. What is goingalong with that software? And that's what's really important here. So,QuickBooks really can pretty much do everything that you need for yourbusiness., I mean there's companies up to about 50, million dollars a year in salesusing QuickBooks. There's 2 options with QuickBooks. There's an online option.There's also a software license option that you download to your computer. Theonline option.

Is great. It can pretty much do everything you need for keepingyour books. There's some additional features on with the license one thatyou download to, your actual computer from like purchase orders to, a littlebit higher level detail with P&L and balance sheets that are your financials.But really, QuickBooks and pretty much do everything that you're going to need to, doto account for your books in your small business. As I mentioned earlier, what'smore important is who's doing the books. Because, it should not be you. If you'restill doing the. Books in your business, it's time to really consider delegatingand bringing on some sort of a bookkeeper. You're probably watching thisvideo, you go, “What? Are you crazy?, I can't afford a bookkeeper.” Or you know, “I'm justgetting started, and that doesn't make sense.”Or maybe you're you've been in business for years and you have a decent-sizedbusiness and for whatever reason you're still doing the books. That's not goingto help you grow. You got, to be, able to delegate, you have to be able to releaseresponsibilities. You have to be able to put some trust into some others. And youshould should not be looking to do, the books. What's really great because of allthe technology that's available today. You don't have to actually hire aphysical bookkeeper in your office., There's some different services that areavailable now where you can outsource your bookkeeping. There's even.

Sometechnologies that automatically read your bank statements and any otherstatements and automatically put and connect right to your QuickBooks andautomatically place all those items into the right, categories. This was a shortand sweet video..

It got right to the point. I didn't really want to add anyfluff into this because it really is that simple.QuickBooks would really do everything that you need. On top of that, if. Youcouple that in with a bookkeeping service, it can be a.

Game-changer in yourbusiness to help you get out of the weeds and work on your business and putfocus. In to your business and working in it. My company, NationalBusiness Capital and Services is a Quickbooks reseller. But we also have abookkeeping service that you can, utilize instead of having to hire a full-timebookkeeper., If you're interested in that, I'd like to hear more and to speak withsomeone with no costs or no obligation or none of that BS. Check out the linkbelow. One of, my team members would love to help you talk about some of.

Thedifferent bookkeeping options available to different plans and help you get setup with quickbooks so you can get rockin.

In your business working on yourbusiness and get to that next level of growth. Thanks again for tuning in. And Ilook forward to helping you grow your business. .

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