December 18, 2020

Sales Tax Calculator 2020

Sales Tax Calculator 2020 look I got enemies got a lot of enemies got a lot of people trying to train me in my energy hey guys if. You missed part one the link is in the description please watch the video not only does the Walter Ville. Georgia Police Department police for profit but it also hires officers like Anderson Quinton delaford jr. with a, questionable past you recently the city of Doraville Georgia has been sued in federal court in 2019 for policing for profit this is in direct, violation of the Supreme Court case Tim's vers Indiana the US Supreme Court ruled the following the eighth amendments excessive fines, Clause is an incorporated protection applicable to the States pursuant to the Fourteenth. Amendments Due Process Clause through these continued documentary videos about the city of Walter Ville Georgia and their illegal policing for profit schemes we will continue to keep you posted and to expose the corruption in the city and. Violations and deprivation of rights under color of law section. 242 of title 18 United States Code these videos will not stop until we can ensure that these illegal activities have been investigated by state and federal law enforcement. .

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