December 19, 2020

Riverside County Tax Collector

Riverside County Tax Collector hey guys what is up welcome to Tuesday so um it's actually late in my day but and I'm doing my intro, last well I wanted to tell you guys we have our mini film video they called it a mini video film whatever being done. This week so excited us guys from the UK he works out of New York right now and he's flying I think he's seen, Lucinda is today the 8th well tomorrow's 8th so he sees Lucinda um Kelly girl is also going to be in it as well I don't know when he, was seeing Kelly girl or what because she was in New York so it works. Out she had her own house her own nursery so she was he's able to go there and then on the 10th. Is my day and we are all day doing it so it's gonna be, a lot of fun it's so excited so tonight we're gonna be bleaching my hair again getting it as platinum as we can, and then we're gonna be adding this is what I used last. Time you guys have asked what color use it is um smoky blue by L'Oreal Paris Fiera I hope it holds better this time Jackie, said the base of my hair where I had virgin hair is the color of the box so it's just where it was not virgin hair, it's not the color so yeah we're gonna get it all bleached up tonight so my soreness and my head will be done and gone, come, Friday and then color it with this one as well and then I'm gonna show you guys what I have to work for Friday so I honestly have not had anything buy any new clothes. In a long time. Since the doll show actually and I'm not as slim as I was but on some weight depression all that stuff so much stuff going on it'll do it to you so today, we found this rugrat sweatshirt that I'm gonna wear I've. Actually been cold for more than normal lately so I'm gonna wear a sweatshirt hoodie it was 16.99 at.

Ross really good Nickelodeon brand but it's got Tommy Chucky and Angelica all over it it's just purple color, amazing I was like well the shoes I had to wear Friday were some brand new shoes that I've had. I just haven't worn them all right because I will buy shoes when they're on sale you know Ross clearance or whatever but they are black red and white and I'm like that's not gonna go with. My outfit so we went to Burlington. And cuz Ross or Marshalls and having they have these Reeboks I cannot tell you the last time I've owned Reeboks I think I was a senior no a sophomore in high. School playing basketball is when I had Reeboks so, these Reeboks go amazing with my outfit they match very well with Chucky's glasses Angelica's dress.

And even an Angelica's leggings are of the two but yeah so this is what I'll be wearing it. On Friday with some jeans I'll be painting will be vlogging with the guy it's just gonna record like a kind of day, with me and then Jackie has a matching what's not a matching sweatshirt but it's a matching theme it's a Nickelodeon theme. As well so it's a like oh it's I don't know if a whitewashed black would be right but it's black but it's not solid black I. Don't know how to say it like it's almost. Like it's fading but it's in areas it's not all faded yeah it's like a marble effect and in the, front it says Nickelodeon and orange and white lettering and then down the sleeves of hers has like various Nickelodeon characters, and then Jackie's the worst for shoes she never has shoes she's like a one shoe person and which really pisses me off one per tooth and I'm like no so we found a pair of white, champion shoes at Ross for 30 bucks so we're set with our outfits. Were ready to go anxious and excited and enjoy the video all right so Jackie and I are playing. Trouble Jackie just never played trouble I haven't played trouble probably since the. 90s I don't know but I is not culture that's why Jackie parents never played trouble so I'm not gonna play trouble it's okay okay we're not judging you this. Girl over here has three pegs out yeah I just ruled, it six and got this one out and now I get to go again one two no way it's going as. I rolled a six and then it brings me at home and then I get. To pop it again the rules say that oh and remember so I keep rolling the sixes and then Jackie doesn't and then I got right here on the warpath which. This is new that was not in the other, game at least when it came out I don't remember that like I'm cheating now yeah yours are not very good first half years are warm and cozy this, is a very it is so much fun I felt bad for her though I'm like what I almost want to give her a free move, so went to my UPS today had to ship out some packages and, there was a gift there I didn't know it was a gift I. Opened it in the car but check it out it is the little blonde miniature Baby Alive his name is little Zach and.

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