December 18, 2020

Required Minimum Distribution Table 2020

Required Minimum Distribution Table 2020 the broadcast is now starting all attendees are in listen-only mode good morning everyone and thank you for joining us today we've got a good webinar scheduled we're going to talk about our MDS every timely subject you, know there are certain kind of financial touch. Points that everyone has to deal with and most people have to deal with I should say in, our MDS is one of those big ones we hit at 70 and a half and our clients really have to make some decisions and, so it's a great opportunity to reach out to our clients and to potential prospects and give them opportunities – all right maybe the alternatives would be the better, way to say the alternatives to what they see is sometimes a. Very negative aspect of their qualified phones which means that they have to start taking them out and. Start paying taxes I know my mother is like 84 85 I've managed most of her finances, for her but every time she gets an RMD she's all concerned about it she's concerned about you know she has to pay taxes on and she doesn't need the. Money it doesn't understand why she has to take it I think a lot of people, are that way so good to take some time with our clients and. Prospects and you know if ever there were you know potential good times maybe even do meline you know people that are just turning age 70, or even closer to that age 70 and a half it probably is a subject. That they might have some interest in so if you're gonna take advantage of it it's good to have as much information as you can. That's why we're gonna have the coach tape pimp right here today to talk about required minimum distributions and, some alternatives and some things to keep in mind regarding RMD so that's what we're gonna talk about today before we get started we're gonna go over a, few things that we do here at AIIMS the idea generally here at AIIMS is to put, the right training incentives and the right products and hopefully the right service so that you say hey these are the folks that I want, to do my business, with and of course we're gonna do some training here this morning for you but we also want to talk about some of the things we. Do service incentive and hand product wise as well we won't talk much about. Product and all here actually but we will talk about some of our services and incentives so most of you are aware of our rpm program and marketing reimbursement programs really straightforward stuff the, idea is that when you refer somebody we're gonna and they get appointed with. Us we're gonna send you a little check for $50.00 that's great to check that maybe. You didn't expect but beyond that the real money comes when they start doing business we pay you a bonus, based on the business way that you do we send most of those checks out quarterly some of them now if it gets over to be. Over a thousand dollars in a particular month we'll go ahead and send the check out to you monthly which they do quite often but.

Generally you're gonna get those checks each quarter and you know it's three four five eight one, thousand dollars sometimes pretty easy it goes out to those rpm checks, I hope you'll take advantage that we appreciate your referrals we want to reward you for them and but mostly we want to say thank you it's really been the the. Basis for much of our growth over the past thirty to thirty three years now is the referrals of people. That have been happy with our services and think that the, services that we offer can benefit a colleague so we appreciate those very much mark and reimbursements a. Really simple program and you do business any business with us money goes into your marketing reimbursement account when you send receipts will match your spend dollar for dollar on your marketing, we want to help you grow. Your business no better time to spend money on your business and we want to help you with that many of you aboard with us today are just kind of. Getting rolling with us a little bit it looks like maybe a third of you are probably on, the course of doing your first pieces of business with us I want to, make sure that you're all familiar with the new producer Builders program pretty simple again when you do business with. Us those those point levels hundred thousand three hundred thousand five hundred thousand dollar for dollar for annuity premium we give more credit give you more points per dollar of premium. On the SPL side regular traditional life meds up long-term care those those all have a higher point value but you can. See some of the things that you can tap into there at those various levels main thing that I, would communicate to you I know you can read and see what we do there but I would. Communicate to you if there's something else that you want us to maybe work with you on specifically we would certainly consider anything the, whole. Idea there in general is to reward you at maybe higher than then wise level a little bit for your first business with us because we, know that when you get rolling with us and see what we do service wise and how we take. Care of your business and what we do to help you your business you're going to want to do more with us, so we really want to reward that first that was first pieces of business during your first hundred eighty. Days so if there's something that's not showing on there and you say hey this is something I'd really like to do give me a call and we can certainly. Talk about it and I'll come up with. Some type of a program or package that makes sense for you as I mentioned. We got great back-office support again you can see on the screen some of the things that we do what I will say in general is that most of our competitors would agree that we are going to, be at the top level in terms of service to our producers, anything that takes you from that submission to Commission process and even before that if it's just a you need some help on the case development side or you need, some help with the branding we're going to be above. The the the standard that maybe you're used to if you're working with another FMO we get that, quite a bit from guys that work with us and hopefully you'll find that to be true as well we know that's important to you a lot, of you don't you're operating on your own you don't have, a someone to handle a lot of that other stuff for you that's the day-to-day grind that. You know you're what makes you you know one hundred and fifty dollar an hour employee doing you know $8 an hour or $12 an hour work and you. Want to you want to prevent that wherever you can we can help you with that so.

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