January 21, 2021

Quickbooks Online Pricing

Quickbooks Online Pricing good afternoon everybodythank you very much for joining us today after gruelling corporate tax deadlinemy name is Irina Bobrova I am chief operating officer here at PitBullTax Ihope everybody can hear me well if. You do please say hello and type whereyou're from in that questions window I want to make sure, that we don't have anytechnical issues okay perfect so I see people posting thank you so much soeverybody can hear me. Thank you today we are going to talk about how to takecontrol of your tax resolution practice how to manage your cases. Moreefficiently and basically how to get all your ducks in a row to have organizedand, well-documented backup for everything that you do so before westart a little housekeeping information this webinar is not eligible for CPE orCE credits the duration, of the webinar will be abouttwo hours and we will have we have a. Lot of plenty of time for questions andanswers, there are no panelists or moderators today so. It will be me myselfand I presenting and answering all your questions and even though mymultitasking skills are pretty good but they're not good enough to talk and typeat the same time so instead I'll, be reading and answering your questionsduring the webinar so don't be shy fire up, your questions for me and questionswindow of your GoToWebinar widget and I have a big prize for one of you who willstay till the end of, the webinar and, ask me the most interesting questions onsubject so what's the prize you will ask many of you know that next week we arehosting our next PitBullTax user conference at The Diplomat Hotel inHollywood. Florida so to the person, who will ask the most interesting questionduring this webinar I'll give free registration for oneperson to our user conference and it's valued at799 dollars PitBullTax user conference is organized for CPAs enrolled. Agentsand tax attorneys who want to efficiently learn and master thetechniques of the tax resolution. Specialty while becoming expert in themost cutting-edge software platform available today you will also earn 20CP credits if you are a CPA or 16 CE credits if you are an enrolled. Agent soagain if you want to win this amazing prize be active and ask me questionsstay tuned to participate and don't. Go anywhere and if you are not the winnertoday we will be happy to see you. Next week for in-depth training in PitBullTax software and in tax resolution we still have a few seats left so you cango, to pitbulltax.com you can hit education tab to learn more about thisprogram okay back. To business we will recess for a bathroom break somewhere inthe, middle for about five minutes so don't hold yourself from drinking coffeetea or other non-alcoholic beverages I know it's not fun staring at thecomputer screen for straight two hours so please get comfortable eat, lunchsnacks take your shoes off if you will or whatever makes you feel non-drowsytoday's webinar, is being recorded all attendees will get an email withrecording link sometime today or tomorrow, and will post it on the websitetoo there are no there are no handout materials for today's webinar becauseit's a training session. Completely designed on software demonstration forthose who uses or plan to use our case management and billing add-on and. If youstay till the end of the webinar I'll share with you some news about ourexciting future development and also give you some incentive to get on boardwith us. So don't go anywhere and now without any further ado let meshow you how to use case management and billing in PitBullTaxsoftware okay, everybody can see my screen where I logged into the PitBullTax software account, on my test account before we go into case management Iwanted to show you all the fields that are available to you in. The clientprofile to get to the client profile you can click on pencil icon in the graymenu bar, right here I hope you can see my pointer my current client, is SandraClein and you can see her information and her phone number right in the graymenu bar this is for. A reference like if you are working with a client and youwant to have a quick access to their phone number it's right here so clientprofile. Has many different sections and I'll go in detail so you know where andwhen to use it basic information for the tax payer their names social securitynumber date, of birth the client type whether it's a client or prospect is onthe top if you have, a client who whose address in is in, the foreign country youcan now check this box and enter the foreign address otherwise enter the US address whenever you enter in new clients makesure that you select county see right, now the county field is empty this willhelp you to avoid.

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