February 22, 2021

QuickBooks Enterprise 2020

QuickBooks Enterprise 2020 so I got this question in my youtube channel recently that says how do I change a lot number when I move, the inventory from one location to the other so there's actually two questions combined into one one of the questions is how do I transfer inventory so I'm going.

To show you that and how do I change lot numbers once I transfer, the inventory so I'm gonna show you how to change lot numbers it's actually a trick it's a workaround trick but let's start with transferring locations so first within the context of understanding that in QuickBooks,, Enterprise Platinum Edition you can have multiple inventory locations so that way you turn that on just in case you don't have that turned on you go to edit preferences then you go into items and inventory. Then company preferences and then advanced inventory settings if you don't see advanced inventory. Settings turned on or available for you to turn on it's because you probably don't have QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum installed so this doesn't work in any.

Other version so here and the first tab it says multiple inventory sites that's turned on so now officially, QuickBooks can manage inventory in multiple locations back into the list menu one of the options here will be inventory site lists so I'm. Going to click on that and let's say for example that I have two inventory locations. The main warehouse I'm gonna create another one called remote warehouse or something like that so I'm going to call this one remote, warehouse one so let's assume that I have my main warehouse and a remote warehouse number, one so how do I transfer inventory from the main warehouse to warehouse number one before we do that let's check our inventory. Levels real quick through reports I'm gonna go to reports inventory reports and then I'm gonna click on inventory stock status by. Site okay so we're click on that and then depending on which site, I have selected so I got my main warehouse or, I can select remote warehouse I can see what's on each location now just to simplify things I'm gonna open this window here and I'm gonna make this inventory of remote warehouse one I'm gonna pull. The exact same report inventory inventory stock stock by sight and. I'm gonna make this one my main warehouse so we'll have this one here on the left side and like let's.

Get rid of some of these columns yes so we are looking at.

A lot less information should be make it much easier to read in this case right so so I got my right report on the right is warehouse 1 my report on the left, is warehouse 2 so how do I do a transfer let's say I, want to transfer some 32 ounce chocolate milk milk cartons and some 64 ounce chocolate milk cartons from main warehouse to warehouse 1 I simply go, into inventory and I click on transfer inventory then I'm gonna select the date of the transfer I'm gonna select, the inventory that I'm transferring from so that would be main warehouse and I'm not, let me just maximize this real quick over here and then I'm gonna let's, expand this a little bit make it a bit easier to read these screens become tough to read and, then I'm gonna transfer to remote warehouse I'm putting the from and 2 locations over here then on there item I typically, click on the drop down menu select the items that I'm transferring so let's say I'm gonna transfer from the 32, ounce chocolate milk carts and I'm gonna pick the lot number because I happen to have multiple lot numbers here turn select a lot number there and I'm gonna transfer, let's say 500 units then I'm gonna.

Select the second line here let's say it's gonna be a 64 ounce milk carton and I'm gonna select a lot number let's. Say it's from this lot number and I want to transfer 200 units, so that's a simple transfer now I can't change the lock number here that's gonna be a different lesson 2nd part.

Of this video I'll explain the workaround for changing lot numbers so at the moment I'm just doing the transfer from warehouse a to warehouse B so I'm gonna go ahead and, click on save and close and now let's look at the two reports here now I see my inventory, on my left side here changed for my main warehouse and then I actually have stuck on, my second warehouse so that's a simple inventory transfer now changing lot numbers gets a bit tricky let's let me go ahead, and close these and let's.

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