December 19, 2020

Quickbooks Check Printing

Quickbooks Check Printing hey there folks Peter here with Black Rock business just standing at the foot of a Nike ballistic missile it's very exciting. But what I'm actually here to tell you today is that we're gonna jump into QuickBooks point of sale and I'm gonna show you an awesome workaround a. Little hack on how you can print out of any type of label printer there's. A couple extra steps involved but it might be worth it if all you have is some off-brand non zebra label. Printer before we do that don't forget to click the link below in the description to join our Facebook QuickBooks point.

Of sale group where we can answer questions about things you want to know about or errors or what have you the community will come to, your rescue and if you're on YouTube right now don't forget to hit subscribe below so you can.

Get all of our latest videos that we come out with practically daily alright let's get to it here we are in point-of-sale and the printer that I'm gonna, use for this workaround is going to be the Dymo the label writer 450 but really you can use, this workaround with any label printer that you can install in Windows and C as a normal Windows printer. You can also see here that I have kind of these rectangular barcode labels in my diamond so that's that. Before we get going we need to grab something here I'm gonna have you bring up a browser and go to 9, night comm I'm not affiliated with 9 night but this is a great website, where like if you're installing a new computer and you want to install a whole bunch of programs all at once. You just put checkmarks next to each program you want and you cannot download it and install it all at, the same time big time-saver but in particular. For our work around I want you to grab Foxit reader Foxit reader is a PDF reader and writer it's a little.

Less cumbersome than Adobe I think you can also do this workaround with Adobe but I just like Foxit reader because it's more lightweight so. Grab that install it and get back to point of sale and then you're gonna go, on the file menu I want you to go to tools and print designer we're gonna switch to inventory tags now at the very, very top I want you to choose Avery 5160 and then make a copy we're, just gonna set this up kind of specially so that we have the best success with our work around you can. Do anything you want to this tag I don't really care what I'm really concerned about is double-clicking on the barcode and switching it to two. Of5 il which is the more compact format it's better and easier to scan this type of barcode and that's gonna help us in our work. Round so hit OK you might want to stretch it out a little further to make the barcode a little bigger a, little easier to read now we are going to, hit close it's gonna ask us if we want to make it the default which is fine sure and I'm gonna call, this workaround tag okay hit and close now on your item list you can choose a couple of things that, you want to print tags for whatever they are and this is how we.

Would do the workaround we're gonna hit print tag now since you have Foxit installed on the printer drop-down you're gonna have a new entry called Foxit reader PDF printer choose that that's, automatically gonna only allow you to choose Avery templates so in your template you can choose the new one that we, just created and then you can just, do one copy of each tag is fine because we're gonna actually gonna choose later how many copies of each tag you really want you'll see what I mean so go ahead and hit, print you can choose column one.

Row one that's fine every single time it's gonna ask you where you want to save it and I'm just gonna call.

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