December 18, 2020

Payday Loan Lead Aggregator

Payday Loan Lead Aggregator what’s up guys Matt Joyce you’re here leads for locals and in this video I’m gonna be walking you through a strategy to generate more life insurance, leads using Facebook I’m gonna walk you through step by step kind of one the overview the overall strategy and then the nuts and bolts of exactly how we do it okay. So we’re basically going to. Need two things we’re going to need to generate more insurance leads we’re gonna be using a paid facebook ad campaign so we’re not doing social media posting and.

Free stuff organic stuff you can do that that’s more of a long-term strategy and I do recommend it longer to having a longer term, content strategy but this is to kind of hit the ground. Running you want to start generating leads very very quickly paid advertising is a really good way to do that so we’re gonna be doing a, fete a page Facebook ad campaign and then we’re going to need a sales file now if you, don’t know what a sales funnel is actually you already do because everything you do in your business is a sales funnel when you’re generating leads all, the way up into the clothes that’s a sales. Funnel right it’s just not online so a great example is the direct mail leads that. Insurance companies will sometimes sell to their agents so they send out a postcard or direct mail piece to the potential client. Client fills it out sends it back to the company they provide it to you you call them or Dornoch it whatever booked the appointment that’s the next, part of the sales funnel and then you go to the house or over. The phone or whatever and you close the deal that’s the final part of the sales model so we’re going to be using, software that audit that automates that entire pretty much the entire sales process all the way up them to the appointments so one this frees up, a lot of your time with. Your prospecting but two it also helps to generate much higher quality leads because when people go through a funnel and there’s there’s multiple steps to get to looking the appointment they’re obviously, a lot more serious so it’s a really good, way to generate higher quality leads so what I want to do is first go over the overall strategy and then I’m gonna be and then, I’ll show you exactly what we use and how we set this up again so the overall strategy we’re gonna be using what’s called a facebook lead ad basically, a lead ad on Facebook and I’ll show you this to a second but to give you some, context as basically when somebody clicks on your ad on Facebook to get more information, it pops up a little forum on Facebook so they don’t leave Facebook you don’t have to send them to a. Webpage or anything like that wait for it to load. All that stuff and it actually prepopulates the information that Facebook already has now in this particular strategy we’re only gonna be asked.

I only asked for name and email I don’t like to ask for a bunch of information upfront because people.

Don’t know who the heck you are so they’re really not likely to do it so it’s going to your your lead cost is gonna be a lot higher but to, in and to I you know really I just like to get people in my pipeline introducing them, to my brand providing valuable content following up you know.

Via email and things like that and let them go through my funnel right that’s the point of. It so I don’t want to collect all of that information up front but the lead ad is really good because it’s it’s very easy for people to get more information. And for us to collect their contact info so it’s really really.

Good and basically in our ad which I’ll show you an example of. We’re gonna be offering a what’s on a lead magnet it’s a free piece of content that our target audience would find valuable okay from there once they click the ad we’re. Going to collect their contact info which is basically just the name and email you could ask for phone number that’s what that works too but. I wouldn’t ask. For any more than that at least up front and then from there we’re going to send them to that piece of content that we promised in the ad and we’re going to be hosting that on what’s called. Clickfunnels clickfunnels is an amazing piece of software is absolutely a necessity if you, can be doing any type of online marketing I’ll have a link for it in the description you can get.

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