December 18, 2020

Opm Pay Scale 2020

Opm Pay Scale 2020 hey welcome back to the channel in this video you can get access to a private interview I did with CEO of OPM valve so that you can make educated decision whether it’s the. Right fit for you and whether you can make a lot of income with this particular company so, sit back relax and enjoy the show microphone check man Lance is wearing the same almost the same shirt what’s up everybody welcome to. The Future 2040 you guys been Happy New Year everybody you guys, hear me okay awesome al in the house Lance ray Christian iris Calvin George Sofia’s here, Sean Charles Stefan who else do I see Scotty what’s up everybody all right I’m testing my new computer so seems to be working fine all right so I know some stragglers are still coming in I, think I just posted Zoom link in the Facebook. Group but make sure I’m recording looks like I’m recording all right awesome so guys who’s excited about 2020 let me know because I am the mission, is like I said to. Make this year the best year ever we got special guests from the house but I want to talk to you for a second about a. Couple of things that have been happening on for the last I would say couple of months and there’s all the projects that were all involved with uh there. Was one project that I’d been kind of. Paying attention I’ve been watching closely because look some of you guys want to make like seven figures multiple six figures right and personally I. Done that with so problems in the past and like I said in a Facebook group are you know the four elephants in the room the four pink elephants in the, room always are the problems those are the problems that nobody, wants to talk about why people are not making you know the money they should be making with their phone. Business right so those four pink elephants for the like for the lack of the better term is are really people that can you. Know can on board your new members people that joining the whatever the program. You’re promoting like we have so many different programs with promoting right but if we are lacking that component, like if somebody is like part-time or a newbie right oh they don’t have time that I have, money they don’t pay attention to a lot of things they get distracted easily right so those are the biggest problems correct me if I’m wrong that’s why people, get no traction whatsoever whether it’s it could be as simple as like press a couple of buttons and email such as like Emma like. My Legion secret and people still fail to produce. Results that they expecting to produce why because like of organization lack of you know, kind of like what what I’ve been teaching for years right having like organizational skills like having IPAs right like all those income-producing activities that you should be doing that I have been doing when I. Was part-time right so when you have somebody who is there to kind of guide. Them kind of like coach them along the way and tell them what they need to be focusing on, every single day in their business that’s when people have results right so that’s one problem second problem is based on good. To see you man happy new year second problem is ah well like. A fund’s right so people join programs and a lot of people that was like, that guy right like I don’t know twelve years ago I joined the program and I’m like that’s, it I’m done right I don’t have to do anything right I joined the affiliate program where’s the I keep refreshing the inbox no commissions right now will mean that right so then, we start doing personal development, would go to advance we meet like-minded people will make those priceless connections and ah we start taking action in our business again we make a lot of mistakes we still make mistakes I make mistakes everybody. Does but again having that guidance that mentorship helps a lot like that’s why.

You see new people like I mentioned like I think I mentioned in the swipe file, somebody made like fifty thousand dollars in a day right in Bitcoin right and what’s cool about that not just. Obviously the sheer amount of money and of the Commission but also how they got paid right what exactly they got paid was right which is digital currency which is if you listen. To all the you know experts in the field are telling me no, bitcoins helping is come it’s coming so it’s probably gonna go over to 20k. Probably gonna go to Tory came maybe it’s gonna go to 50k this year who knows right we’ll see but you know big. Banks you know big guys or all pumping lots of lots of funds into this right I don’t, know like what the numbers are it’s probably more like 200 billion dollars but that’s what’s cool about it. Because that $50,000 can be a hundred thousand dollars could be two hundred thousand dollars by the. End of this year so and so there was a program that I didn’t like I said there’s a problem that I’ve been paying attention but. I didn’t wanna introduce it to my inner circle until I knew for a fact that people actually getting results, so long story short thirty days I could have made hundred thousand two hundred thousand dollars but again. I wanted to be like 100% sure that it’s the right fit right for for myself. Personally but you guys have stopped to you like I don’t care if you join it not right what I’m, saying is like I’m adding that to my income portfolio for 2014 and I’m gonna make seven figures with so if you’re looking to add substantial amount of income to your home business right then. You probably want to pay attention right because we’re gonna we have actually company owners on a call today so I. Really appreciate you guys time I know how busy you are but. It gives you a chance to like ask all the hard questions and get the answers because getting paid 50 K and a 10 K day 15 K. A day I mean I done it in the past but I see people like new. People getting results with the. Traffic that they have as well so those are two problems I discussed I take a message to them which is like a funds and. Ability to get funds even if you have bad credit which is huge because normally or if you all. I mean any entrepreneur knows they need to invest time and money into building the business right so what happens is a lot of times we you know people lose jobs and they, realize damn do I look.

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