December 18, 2020

Opm Pay Scale 2020

Opm Pay Scale 2020 you may have to wait longer for your state tax refund a bill meant to bring the Commonwealth in line with new federal law failed in the Virginia legislature 10 News reporter Tommy Lopez has more from Richmond, on the holdup and what that could mean for you disagreements among virginia lawmakers could lead to thousands of families waiting for money, from their state, tax returns emergency legislation failed in the House of Delegates yesterday it would have brought Virginia in line with new federal tax law now Virginia can't process returns until, July 1st today a similar Republican bill passed the House. Without the emergency clause it's off to the Senate it's a lot of confusion right now for tax filers that's what Richmond CPA David Robinson says oh it's, a it's a big mess because the one thing about taxes is they should, be certain he says if you file now you are going to be in line for processing, but the amount you pay or get back may change the advice would be if you can wait a little bit just wait a little bit he thinks no, matter what plan lawmakers choose it should separate the federal and state rules, on itemizing just go ahead and let people itemize for Virginia even though they don't itemize for federal and you think that would help a range of different people and absolutely, even the low income earner he says it can mean the difference between a few hundred dollars, for many people republicans sponsored the bill that's moving to the senate they say their goal is to provide tax relief to middle-class families, their plan sets aside all of the money from the federal law changes to later.

Be returned to the taxpayers Democrats are critical of the plan saying it furthers.

The president's policy favoring wealthier Virginians and not doing enough to help low to moderate income families lawmakers here at the Capitol say that the controversy surrounding the governor and lieutenant.

Governor aren't getting in the way of their work and they're still focused on getting bills passed in Richmond I'm, Tommy Lopez 10 News working for you .

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