December 19, 2020

Opm Open Season 2020

Opm Open Season 2020 the one punch man anime just debuted the monster elder centipede after metal bat destroyed junior centipede and senior centipede the almighty elder centipede burst. Out of the ground with incredibly destructive power as you can see him tunneling through and destroying, the city as well as a seemingly unbreakable shell surrounding his body elder centipede is actually an ancient monster he has been around for a very long time and as the, lore goes no one has ever been able to defeat elder centipede except for one hero and that was the number one hero, blast who has till this day never been fully shown or explained episode 4 drove deep into the character of metal bat the s-rank, hero number 15 now as we saw in episode 3 the previous episode tank top master the. Number 16 s ranked hero got completely annihilated by Garo, and in the next episode of one punch man Garo and metal bat will be duking it out and it should be an incredible battle I'll, talk more about that later on in this video metal bed has a brash attitude he's kind of a punk he cares about his.

Sister and the more damage he takes the stronger he gets as we saw in, this episode he first defeated junior centipede like it was nothing but senior centipede was a little bit more tough after, taking a variety of damage from senior centipede we saw metal bat hit himself in the, head so that he could recover from a sleeping poor ability out of one of the monsters but after taking the damage from senior centipede and hitting himself the monsters noticed, the dramatic increase in power from.

Metal bat the more damage he takes the stronger he gets now keep that in mind for the next episode as he goes. Up against Garo after making some quick work of senior centipede in an awesome anime fashion the elder centipede bursts out of the. Ground and this monster is a dragon level most of the monsters that we encounter, in one punch man are usually tiger or demon dragon level monsters are pretty much the rank of s-rank heroes if.

You remember this cking from episode 9 of one punch man season 1 that is a dragon, and level monster they can pretty much take out s-rank heroes or it's a pretty even fight most of the. Time and we're gonna get a lot of s-rank hero vs. dragon level monsters in this season and next season which is really exciting while Elder, centipede has a nearly indestructible carapace he does actually have a weak spot which is his face and as we saw metal bat got, on top of his head and used his super move dragon pummeling and slammed the heck out of elder centipedes face but. In doing so he really pissed off elder.

Centipede flinging metal bat all the way across the city past Garo and into a building garlis the end form metal bat but in an awesome fashion metal bat walks, past Garo because you got to remember the more damage he takes the stronger he gets and he probably would have continued to.

Try to take out elder centipede, and failed but Garo is there to challenge metal bat who has already powered up from the battles so far so now it's time to get into spoiler territory. For this video and talk about the next episode in terms of. Elder centipede this is your warning one punch man season 2 episode 5 should be a fiery episode with tons of action not only does metal bat take on Garo but who's. Gonna stop elder centipede from rampaging through the city it is metal, night as we remember in one punch man season 1 when the comet the, meteor started flying towards the city the robot metal knight flew in and used some destructive nuking power. To try and destroy the meteor but he failed even jenos acknowledges the destructive power from metal knight and metal.

Knight in the next episode we'll be the one to take on elder centipede however metal knight still is not strong enough to take on elder centipede and it won't be until the final fight. Of this season that someone will take him down in the previous episode of one punch man we were introduced to bomb who is.

The older brother of silver Fang, the s-rank hero number three now bomb is not a hero but he is about just as strong as, silver Fang now they are going out to stop Garo and later on in the season they, actually will confront him but their fight is interrupted by elder centipede as the monster Association which we should get introduced. To in the next episode or two has plans for Garo and doesn't want him to die so they actually come to his rescue leaving elder. Centipede to face off against bomb bang and jenos this fight is incredibly cool not only this fight but there is a massive battle between Garo and a bunch of heroes before. This, fight even happens but then we get basically 3's ranked hero level characters fighting against elder centipede we get, to see all of them go all-out especially jenos who really pushes himself to his limits to try and compare himself to Saitama to try and live up to his sensei, and show how strong he is and how far he's come jenos puts in all of the, work and if you're a fan of Chennault's you are going to absolutely love this scene but first let's talk about. How we even get there after Gaara fights a swarm of heroes of different ranks jenos appears and there is an epic battle between, Geno's verse Goro it's pretty short but it is very compelling and high-octane this is definitely going to be one of the highlights of the. Season and they seem to be.

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