March 2, 2021

Open New Checking Account Online

Open New Checking Account Online what's up you guys it's Graham here so one week ago I made a video going over the worst bank accounts out there these are the ones to charge you endless fees that pay you no, interest that robbed you as soon as you drop below their daily minimums and. Slap you in the face with excessive charges or in other words the banks that should be avoided at all costs in my opinion of course not financial advice and for, entertainment purposes only anyway after spending so much of my time researching such horrendous fees and charges I lost a.

Bit, of my faith in humanity until I began picking up the pieces drying up my tears and creating this list of the best bank accounts out there these are.

The banks without any minimums without charging you any excessive fees that actually pay you a pretty good interest rate and bring back your hope in the, banking system and let me just make this clear I'm not sponsored or, affiliated with any of these banks whatsoever I'm just a fan of saving as much. Money as humanly possible and I dislike fees as much as you do so with, that said let's go over the best banks out there the ones that will actually pay you to save you money and put every other Bank to shame of course as usual I put a lot of time into. Making videos like this to the point where these videos take me three times longer to. Plan film and edit than any of my other videos so if you would not mind destroying the like button for the YouTube algorithm it, really helps up my channel a lot and, I promise if you do that this video is going to give you so many different ways to make and save money so I'll help you out you helped me, out with the like button, in the YouTube algorithm and it's a win win so anyway with that said let's start this video off, with number five we got drum roll Discover Bank now this is a weird one for me to review coming in so closely to my worst bank. Accounts video because already even though it's number five on the list it is light years ahead and better than any.

Other bank I mentioned like it almost seems customary for these old school banks to all charge you monthly maintenance fees or account minimums that it seems weird to. Look at Discover Bank and see what they're not doing because, if we start off with the Discover Bank monthly maintenance fee if we look on their website here we see that a wait a second there is no monthly maintenance, fee now in the past when I reviewed the worst bank accounts they would all try to hide their, excessive fees in the fine print they, would just be all sneaky about it and they plaster happy people on the main page of a, whole bunch of fluff about their services so maybe you would overlook how expensive it is but Discover Bank took on the opposite, approach in fact they went full-on attack mode by making their narrative the fact that they don't have any fees and that's, what separates them from the competition there are no minimums they have free ATM access they have. Free replacement debit card they got free cheque no item return fee no fee. For stop payments and no fee for insufficient funds then compare that with other banks that had 1500 minimums to avoid a. Fee charged $2.00 per page on Schenk's $30.00 stop payments and $36 insufficient funds fees not to mention a. Variety of other charges and Discover Bank knows how good they are because they place them side by side with all of the evil competition which funny enough all three of those banks.

By pure coincidence where in my list of the worst bank accounts out there but what makes Discover Bank just a little. Bit more special is within their checking. And savings account with the checking account even though they don't pay you interest they will give you 1% cash back when you use their debit card which is better than nothing, and way more than what most banks give you although I'm going to be fully transparent, here and say that it's usually never a good idea to use a debit card anyway. And if you're going for the cash back there are so many better options to use with a credit card instead so in my opinion it's not really a, useful park although it's better than getting, nothing and hey for a fully free checking account with no fees and no minimums it's still really good and really the real magic and the real. Reason I like this bank so much is because of their savings account they're, gonna be paying you 1.7 percent in interest with no minimums no fees and no hidden agenda just deposit your money and enjoy some of that sweet sweet. Interest that interest rate is also better than some of the other banks gonna be. Mentioning here so just for an all-around really good bank this is it however one.

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