December 19, 2020

Open Checking Account Online No Minimum

Open Checking Account Online No Minimum what's the guys it's Graham here so I made this video about six months ago where I went over the most profitable savings accounts that you can get and since then in the last few months I've. Received non-stop messages that the, information is now outdated interest rates have gone up thankfully some banks have also gotten a lot better and should be on the list and. I thought to myself you know what they're right I do desperately need to re-up date all of this. Information and make a brand new video and this is really really good news too because the Fed raised interest rates back in January which meant that savings accounts can now pay out a. Little bit more so really what we've been, seeing over the last few months is all of these savings accounts just clamoring over one another to try to get your business which basically just means that you now get paid, out a, little bit more money and this is somewhat good news for us too because even though the Fed has now been lowering interest rates the interest rates paid. On savings accounts has not been followed and they have not been lowered and I have a feeling the reason for this is because. They know if they lower the interest rate you're just gonna go and, move your money to another bank and they don't want to risk that so let's. Go for the five best high interest rate savings accounts that are out there today to make you a little bit of extra money for doing absolutely nothing because everyone knows I like making money for doing nothing. And for this list since there's so many just random banks out there I've set up a very strict criteria, that we must follow number one it must be a well known bank no banks that, we've never heard of that are just available to people in Wyoming no sketchy banks that just opened up last night and happen to. Rhyme with Schmidt connect it really, must be a well established bank that we have confidence in now secondly they must be verified unlike my Instagram account which is which is not verified even though I've tried because people are now, setting up fake accounts.

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