December 19, 2020

Open Checking Account Online

Open Checking Account Online $1,000 bonus just for opening a business Chairman's accounts now in this video we're gonna go over the top three chickens accounts out. There but not just that guys in this video I'm also gonna offer you two bonus ones so in total it's kind, of like five and here's my thing guys I always want to make sure that I'm offering these offers to you guys but it's not like overexaggeratedly for example I'm not gonna, offer you guys something that requires you to have a million dollars out. Of your bank account I'm not offer you anything like that if you were actually meeting Tommy why do you have, a sudden interest in business accounts all of a sudden and the answer is this I just opened up a new. LLC and now I'm looking for a business setting accounts watch you run. My business from so in reality that's why I'm so curious about it and if you want to find out Tommy which one did you actually go with stick around to the new videos, you guys can find out which one actually picked now for you to the channel guys, – honey Bryson I'm gonna count in and I post videos on YouTube every, single day so make sure you subscribe and the efficient Bell so you get notified every time I post a new video on top of that. For watching the video right now it makes you to like the video because they help this channel out a. Ton and I really appreciate what you guys slap the like button like, crazy so that's awesome thank you and I want to ask you guys one question comment down below and let me know do you currently have a business or are. You interested in opening up a business let me know.

In the comments down below right now so now that you commented I want.

To jump in straight into the video and the first I want to discuss is this okay just to clarify Tommy was the business accountz how does it work and, all this fancy stuff okay and here's the answer a business account is an account that's friends specifically for businesses and then, that way you can run all the transactions with that business account so then when the time for taxes and actually comes through you. Can actually protect.

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