January 14, 2021

Open Business Checking Account Online

Open Business Checking Account Online did you guys know that you can actually open a bank account even before coming to Australia if you guys would like to know more about things like this or banking system in Australia this video is right. For you let's get started alright. Guys welcome back to another video of voices – in Australia my name is Sam the founder of Aussies to, Australia website that provides comprehensive information to Aussie students like yourself if you're new to this channel and you haven't subscribed yet I suggest you to subscribe as we make videos every single week. Regarding studying working and, living in Australia focusing on overseas students needs alright guys as I mentioned earlier we're going to talk about banking system in Australia in this video now the first thing.

First is how many banks are available that you can open an account with so there are four main big banks that we have. In Australia then known as Commonwealth Bank NZ NAB and Westpac they are actually known as big four but apart from. These big four you have many other banks that you can open a bank account.

With so they are banks like Bank of Melbourne Adelaide Bank Bank of South Australia Bank of Queensland and ng and many. Others now the main currency of Australia is Australian dollars and you can find it in the denominations of $5 $10 $20 $50. And $100 notes and.

Coins are usually issued in a denomination of 5 cents 10 cents 20 cents 50 Cent's $1 and $2 so one, of the most common question for overseas students is how can I open a bank account in Australia now as I said earlier you can actually open a bank account even before coming to Australia, now opening up, a bank account is a fairly simple process you can open up a bank account by visiting a local branch or you can do it online. As well now to open up a bank account if you're opening it online before coming to Australia then you will need to provide them some with basic details like.

Your personal details your email address and expected date of arrival and once.

You land in Australia all you need to do is bring some sort of an ID like your passport your EC, or e and letter of offer and these are the same documents you need when you're, opening up your bank account in Australia in the local branch and once you provide them with all these details and documents we'll open up your bank account right away. The whole process of opening up your bank account usually takes, around 15 to 30 minutes and usually you will receive your debit card within five to seven business days now most of the banks. Don't give overseas students credit cards so don't get disappointed if your bank doesn't provide you.

Any credit card facilities you can bring you overseas credit card but we don't.

Recommend you to use that in Australia as you might be paying a higher set of fees when using that credit card, now we suggest you to actually look for few features before you open up your bank account make sure there is no monthly fee as you are. A student so you should not be paying any monthly fees make sure you get a debit card make sure the bank has plenty of, ATM network for you to access and there's no withdrawal fee, for any of the ATM usage especially if you're using your own banks ATMs make.

Sure that the facility of online banking and mobile banking is available and make sure there is no fee on international money transfers now the usual business hours for the banks are between Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. some banks might open on Saturdays like between 9 a.m. to. 12 p.m. most of the banks don't open on Sundays so, if you're going to deal with the bank's you need to keep these timeframes in mind the thousands of.

ATMs available around Australia you can withdraw money from any of these idioms but if you are withdrawing, money from any of the other banks ATM not your own bank setting you might be paying some fee so we suggest you to first of all look. At your own Bank Stadium so that you're not paying any fee for using them but if you can't locate the. Nearest ATM of your bank we suggest you to actually look for the nearest goals of Woolworths as you can withdraw money from there as well without paying any, fee and if you do have to use the other banks aliens usually the people using their. ATMs are around $1 to $3 now online banking is very popular in Australia most of.

The people in Australia don't carry much cash around with them it is quite easy these days to actually use online banking so that you can, easily transfer money from, one account to the other and most of the people prefer to do business in that way most of.

The banks also have the apps on Google Play Store and iOS stores so you can download and use them as well and be mindful of any online scams around you so hackers would try to steal your, information especially debit card and credit, card information so please be mindful of that especially when you're shopping online if you decide to move to a new location and decide to change your address you need to notify your, bank so that basically can send all the communication letters to, your new address now you might be wondering why should I open a bank account in Australia what are some of the advantages of opening up a bank account. Now one of, the biggest advantage of opening up a bank account is that when you start working in Australia your employers will deposit your salary or wages into your bank account most of the employers don't. Prefer to pay cash they. Actually prefer to transfer money into your bank account one of the other advantage of using bank accounts is you can, easily transfer money from your account to someone else account or if your family members are planning to send you some money they can send directly into your bank account as well so I've, got a question for you guys today do you know what does f4 stands for but type your answers.

In the comment section below what does f4 stands for, and please share this video around with as many overseas students as you can so that they can know how does the banking system work in, Australia and thank you very much for watching this video guys I'll see you in. The next video you .

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