February 24, 2021

Online Checking Account With Cash Deposit

Online Checking Account With Cash Deposit okay so today we're gonna talk about how to open a US bank account if you're not a US citizen or resident yes a lot of people out there are wondering whether they can open a. Bank account in the US and today we'll evaluate the answers today we will be answering, a few questions so if you're interested in any of these answers you should stay in the video otherwise we will be answering like why do, you need a you know US bank account anyways is it illegal to have a US bank. Account as a non-resident like if you don't have a Social Security number or an i-team IPIN which documents you need to open the bank account, and how long does it take and how much money do you need like when you're first opening your, background and finally we'll give you like a few banks which we, already know that will like you can process this all right let's get. Into this so first of all why do you need a US bank down well first thing is, you might be the someone who travels often to the USA and URLs sometimes carrying a lot of money we, do and that is not convenient so why not having this money in the u.s. itself especially because there's like a 10,000 u.s.. Dollar limit that you can bring in cash correct well you have a high usage of US dollars so most. Of your transactions are mainly US dollar then it might be convenient for you to newest dollar account in USA another thing is whether you're, planning to send or receive US dollar from someone in within the US or from abroad that especially treat me like a freelancer and you have a. Lot of US customers you want to your PayPal or director classes, to be done in a u.s. account another thing is for future credit planning that means if in the future you you plan to move to the United. States then it. Is wise to start building credit and we will see there are some ways and you just have to be to build their credit and you can start by creating a bank account not really like if you want. To just you know move to the US maybe you have plans to, borrow money in the future from the US Bank some banks might allow you to. Do it without them being arrested but you need to have a good. Credit score so that you need a bank account to start that the second the second question we wanted to answer is is illegal to have a US bank account as a non-resident we are not lawyers or experts. In the matter but as far as we know there is no law, that prohibits you for an opening bank account so yeah this means when you walk into the bank and ask for this you're not really doing anything.

Illegal you don't really need to be hiding the fact that you, don't live in the US or I mean the bank will know for, sure that you don't live there so this there's nothing bad about it and you can push or apply for it they will still ask you like why are you even opening account and you might, provide one of the answers of the like the. Previous reasons like you very often to the US or you wanna receive payments all of those, answers or I'll.

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