December 18, 2020

Nys Minimum Wage 2021

Nys Minimum Wage 2021 well today thousands of New Yorkers received a race the new minimum wage for most of New York State went up to 1180 an hour today, this is all part of the plan to increase the state minimum wage to 15 bucks 7 Eyewitness News reporter Taylor apps shows us how the wage hike is impacting local businesses each new.

Year brings change one change impacting businesses is another increase in the minimum wage the same. Thing happened last year and the year before that it's part of Governor Andrew Cuomo's efforts to help working families that.

Began in 2016 the end goal is to reach a minimum wage of $15 all across New York State this year, large employers like McDonald's have to pay their workers one dollar more but this also has an impact on.

Our small businesses I mean as a small. Business you wear all the hats and so you have to be able to change with all the changes and you know roll with it otherwise it's gonna be hard to say hello being able, to offer competitive wages it's always challenging because it's not just the wage it's everything that's associated.

With the wage as of New Year's Eve Gaetano Sickler will have to pay her employees at the treehouse toy store, at least 11 dollars and 80 cents an hour, 70 cents more than last year I mean the customer pretty much expects us to be able to deliver very similar things as big behemoth companies.

But we have a staff of five people but for Therese Dortch lander at thin ice it's not a hard adjustment, to make because it doesn't change how. I pay people I always pay people over minimum wage I don't think that this is damning to any business minimum wage will continue to rise nearly $1 each year until it reaches. $15 an hour knowing that there's a, plan in place makes it as much as it can be just a part of how you run your business in buffalo taylor apps 7 Eyewitness News .

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