December 19, 2020

NetSuite Customer Login

NetSuite Customer Login thanks for joining us for a quick introduction to the NetSuite project management module joining me Mandy who are as a lead solution architect and specializing in specialize in amongst other things service and, businesses Mandy how are you today I'm good how United really good thanks for joining me of course I'm Nigel one of the business development managers, here at.

Home solutions NetSuite number one partner globally at a high level today we are hoping that you get an.

Understanding of how you can manage your service service organization more effectively through automating project creation maintaining tighter control of project accounting and improving productivity and driving efficiencies so maybe I'll turn up.

To work I'm a project manager and one of the organization's that's listening to us right now I open. Up net swing and as a project manager what am I looking at as you.

Know through the use of necess dashboard which incorporates business intelligence you get a very transparent view of your project all in real time as an example, right on my dashboard I have a listing of the projects I'm currently working on and it's a, good way of reviewing how our projects are progressing okay. So can we have a closer look at an individual project yes we'll grab one of the project be currently working on and let's take a closer look so for this predictable project at a glance.

I can see my estimated allocated and actual work which. Leaves many ways the remaining the projects often consist of multiple tasks can I track these against my playing time.

Yes so under the schedule tab you can see your complete work breakdown structure your, faces your tasks your milestone and again the estimate actual and remaining work at each individual task level interesting I think I can see a. Piano tab there as well so I'm assuming we cover. The accounting side is that correct yes the full project accounting is available here with project P&L tab you can now track the progress, and monitor costs associated with each project keeping on top of your financial performance and also you can. Set up your project budget at both cost and billing side the actual cost that are coming in against the project can be captured invoice can be generated based on your building rules said something, interesting there so I see the NetSuite managers multiple project types. So I'm assuming these can be both these projects can be both taller materials and experience that's correct let's support different building options you, can have a mix of mail stop building and I'm adding time so many, now who runs a billable services organisation for dem it's really important to put the right. Person on the right project at the right time how can we help them so NetSuite has this resource allocation function which is a color-coded, view looking at your resources availability so as an example I have a, list of all my resources as well as the projects they are assigned to I guess if they're being over utilized or not I can also do a search here if I want to, find someone with a specific skill set so a lot of information. That we've covered with you shows project dashboards you showed me you know resource allocation areas there's a lot of information on is there a single place where I can get us, the individual project are really one that's where to, highlight the important parts with the important aspects of my project in a single view sure let me take you there now the project dashboard highlights everything that come with your project at. The top of.

The project dashboard I have key performance indicators for the project that includes all the key decision making matrix over on the Left I have. Quickly buttons to manage my project I add project on all my resources using there and even my, chart which project schedules it's a very useful tool for planning and scheduling projects monitoring or project progress and if you're screening start and finish date including summary elements of a.

Project Thanks I think it was a great introduction to, NetBeans project management so I know many of our customers have had challenges around revenue recognition multiple subsidiaries job costing resource allocation because the list, goes on are you confident that we can handle all of these and. More yeah we have many customers who have very complex requirements and we've been able to handle them and even exceed their, expectations great so if you want to know how that swing can assist your business please get into contact. With us at Jayco solutions our contact details will be displayed now you .

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