December 18, 2020

Minnesota where’s my refund

Minnesota where’s my refund yep what is going on YouTube it's your boy tan hey can't a job because our pregame press conference here for the Minnesota Vikings and, WBE season three week one taking on the Rochester ride ons and my good friend.

Iron boffin now if you guys aren't familiar with these team builders I actually used to do draft League team builders where I would break down the team and a little bit more in depth and then ultimately. Have the battle the following day however since then I've kind of condensed them, into one video which some people like some people don't like so I'm gonna try it scene builders again I'm basically gonna judge you guys, support to see whether I should include them in the battle or if I should make them. Separate videos it's really a matter of what you guys want so take a, second let me know in the comments section below and if you enjoy this video and you want to see, them separate that's fine if you'd rather not see them separate and just see them in one video it doesn't make a difference to me really like, it actually is more work to do it, this way but I know a lot of you guys like it this way so anyway that's the deal so I'm gonna break down an iron boffins team I'm gonna talk about my team and so on. And so forth if you're not if you have no idea what's going on right now, check out the description below for the draft breakdown right you know. Basically talked about the entire team that I drafted why I drafted and so on and so forth and everything in between so that that's what you're gonna want to do, there but otherwise let's kind of let's gonna jump into things right so Ian's got a really good team, here he's got some pretty big threats so we'll talk about him he's got that, we've all sitting at 125 base speed absolutely monster in this matchup has that priority ice sharp which could be annoying knock-off is very difficult to, switch into icicle crash a dual stabbed arc and ice are really really good so gotta be. Careful there and he can also run like a z move in this matchup if you wanted to like a dark Z or a, fight Z something like that could, be really really detrimental to my team he's got the straps ER which is a pretty monsters offensive, threat generally see with a reckless but it also gets intimidate as this ability here just brain bird and double-edged and you turn and close combat that's generally. What you see strapped or do in this match kind of weird because I have a scar Marie and Scarberry really shuts, down stir up there pretty well so if he breaks the Raptor I'll honestly be a little bit surprised because maybe he brings like final gambit, or something if he tries to bring strap there, because I just don't see it being all that good against me he's gotta ASA weaken which is one of the most kind of resistant just like defensive. Water types in the game incredibly bulky has the ability to set up with mind it can, rest it could run sleep talk as well which is, a pretty common set but also go just run like toxic subs a to protect and just be a general nuisance and difficult to take down in this matchup sweet Coons kind, of weird because I have a metric and Shaymin both of which kind of wreck suicune so we can also is kind. Of set up fodder for bulky substitute Karen black it does have, roar I could just substitute all over it his skull doesn't, break my substitute so sweet Coons again a very weird bring Metagross a monster his Pokemon crazy good attack. Can also set stealth rock I definitely expect Metagross to come this match because bullet punch is so valuable he can use it, to try to break through things like hero him if I have priority he can use it.

To kind of chip away at some of the other threats but also meteor mash is really strong he can. Run like Thunder punch for Skarmory but Metagross is kind of weird because he has to run bandits have enough damage outputs a break Skarmory or is to run agility. To be fast enough to break the rest of the team because things like manectric really don't care that much about him clear body doesn't a. Gate my intimidate but his power doesn't do much to me and I could flamethrower overheat or whatever it may be so, Metagross is a weird spa I definitely anticipate it coming.

But kind of a weird Pokemon in this matchup because it's very good against, some stuff and very bad against others one thing I do what I'm note is that Metagross does. Get the move Grass Knot which is a special grass type attack now well Metagross is a special attack isn't that good, I could definitely see him bringing grass not for my gastrin on so something I make note of he's go to smear go which is probably the biggest wall card in this Massillon I'm the most, fearful of is, the fact that it can bring sticky webs it can bring hazards it can bring spikes it can run destiny bond it can run party shell I mean it can really run anything that's what smoogle does, spore can be kind of annoying for my team I think smear go is one. Of those Pokemon that you have to have a lot of, kind of I don't know you have to be really bold to bring some miracle because it either is a game changer or it's absolutely useless like that's really how miracle functions especially in. Single format, where you send it out and again it's so frail it really doesn't do a ton you have to come up with a. Really strategic set and it has to work perfectly for it to work I've seen it put in the work I've used it effectively I've had it put in the work against me but it's, a very difficult Pokemon to use effectively and it's super you per hit or miss like you basically have to say, do I really want to you know take up one of my six crucial. Move slots in this battle for smeargle which can help will support.

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