December 18, 2020

Medicare Surtax 2021

Medicare Surtax 2021 today we're learning how a new plan for transportation in Hillsboro County could help you get around town better a lot of people interested in this one ABC Action News.

Reporter Laura Scott she is here driving Tampa Bay forward with a. First look at these new projects good morning Larissa hi good morning to you dia and James as day leaders are working to transform public transportation to keep Hillsboro County moving today the Hillsborough County area Regional, Transit Authority will present and submit its all for transportation tax projects, this includes plans to extend the streetcar pass the current route and evaluate the condition of railroad tracks for, potential future use art is also looking into increasing the frequency of bus services and several areas like West Shore USF and South County their proposed budget exceeds.

253 million dollars multiple organizations like Hart are planning as if they're getting money from the all for transportation, tax but they won't know for sure until next year the case goes to court in February and coming up in our next half-hour, how this plan will impact your safety Thank You Larissa we're going to stay on top.

Of this plan as part of our. Effort to drive Tampa Bay forward if you have an issue that a pack that impacts your daily commute call us or email us. Our tip line is always open.

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