March 6, 2021

Max Roth Ira Contribution 2021

Max Roth Ira Contribution 2021 hey welcome back guys it is lands away and today I'm going over basically my five-year approximately five year update on my Roth, IRA account let's go ahead and take a look here as you can see here is the one-year graph my account and if you look right in the center of the.

Screen you'll notice a very big dip. In January of 2019 lost uh probably a good almost seven eight thousand dollars in that time frame and now the Dow and the S&P 500 are an upswing right, now so we're crushing and approaching all-time high as if. We haven't already total account balance is forty two thousand four hundred thirty-five dollars if you guys were Watchers or viewers of my four year video I had a balance of about twenty-four twenty-five thousand there so, a significant uptick since then and only small contributions in between that currently for the 2019. Calendar year I only have one thousand dollars of the six thousand dollars allowable placed into the contribution right now so I have about, seven or five months left in the year to go ahead. And get those contributions in so I'll be looking to get that in maybe, if the market takes any slight dips of course you don't want to time it but yeah so let's take a look my holdings are on, the left hand side you'll see I have one two three four five six seven eight holdings and then spax which is just basically like the the savings account that they're. Gonna hold your money into.

Until you choose your investments so one of the big things that people do when they get a Roth IRA is they just put the money, in and assume it's going to start compounding for you what you actually have to do is select, what you want to allocate your contributions towards so in my case I've.

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