March 8, 2021

Liberty Tax

Liberty Tax but eleven better call harry's getting results just in time for a tax day yeah a woman actually contacted him after learning she owed thousands of dollars to the IRS and it's all because somebody else made, a mistake the first time that, I went to Gwen Stephens house it was a little awkward Gwen you live in Cartersville awkward only because I thought Gwen lived in, Tennessee and here's why my name is Gwen Stephens I moved to Chattanooga Tennessee from Fresno California over four years ago Gwen sent me an email about the tax preparation service she used. In Chattanooga she claims the prepares made a huge error on her 2015 and under, 2016 tax returns see where line, 16 B is blank someone omitted her teacher's pension oops the IRS didn't catch the heirs until 2018 by that time Gwen owed the government seventeen thousand dollars more than four grand for penalties and interest I.

Trusted them to do my taxes right get your taxes done when used liberty tax it's a nationwide franchise with, three thousand locations. Including Atlanta its guarantee is clear if our mouth is off and results in penalties and interest from the IRS we will reimburse you the amount of those penalties and interest Gwen tried talking to the franchise owner but, got nowhere. Until we got involved corporate decided to honor its word go ahead and hold up that check for us so here's the.

Other awkward moment me thinking Gwen is in Tennessee her email didn't say she'd moved we thought, you were in Chattanooga I was so we went to Cartersville a city that greets you with southern hospitality that's velvet. Crumb cake we got you four grand I can take a bite of the rest I think he deserves it here's the check for four thousand one hundred and eighty-five dollars in person. Gwen says the liberty tax people were great.

She still has to pay her taxes but this takes a bite out of that bill how's that feel as mommy's so here's, the takeaway if there's a mistake on your tax return the IRS holds you responsible so please double check your return before you file I'll better call.

Harry the best way to reach me is email better call Harry at cbs46 calm .

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