January 15, 2021

ItsDeductible 2020

ItsDeductible 2020 welcome to RV life with Ken enjoy life with Kenan G today we are gonna talk about downsizing Oh some of the tips that we can come up with just from going through the process, ourselves and it's been pretty crazy but we have some ideas for you in case this is something you're thinking about doing and, the first one is actually even if you're not thinking about downsizing, to go full timing it's a good idea to just start the process anyway you think about it how much stuff we have and we. Don't even have a lot of stuff I think compared to some people but we, had a lot of it and all kinds of stuff and you know things that we don't use and don't need, anymore I had a lot of pictures that you know of places, where I didn't even remember what these you know landscape shots were anymore and it's like just toss toss toss toss so that would be kind of the first, tip is you know go through your stuff anyway and, and see if there's something that can be sold or given away or whatever thrown away if it's junk like you. Don't have to be going full timing like we are in an RV to start downsizing and getting more space in your home in, your garage or whatever because you have more stuff than you know his house burned burned down before we met, and he lost a lot of those things so he thought well I don't have that much sentimental stuff and then when you, started looking at it yeah I spent all day yesterday going through photographs with my kids and things you know, it's like I can't throw this away and then like Jane said you know there's 10 pictures of the ocean or a tree and you're, going where where was this yeah it's a tree that you looked at in the 80s you.

Thought was really cool so come on anyway so. Also that another side of that is even if you're never gonna RV think about it you know once you're gone your kids are gonna have to go. Through the stuff or somebody's gonna have to go through all this stuff, you know do you want these people that have to go through all the stuff that you have that was kind, of my motivation was like wow I really don't want someone to have to go through all this junk and also the things that think that I do cherish it's like I. Decided to give as like a pre inheritance you know give them away to people that I, love and watch them enjoy the things that, I love yeah and and I still get to enjoy the thing but not owning it anymore so I thought that that was kind of a good way to go for for, me anyway yeah the second tip that we have is if you are going to donate stuff whether it's to downsize for full timing or. Not or just for taxes check out this app it's deductible it's, also online it's deductible online they'll give you the thrift shop. Values of a lot of items and I found actually that I was under valuing the stuff that I was giving away a lot of times I would give away like a pair of jeans or something and I. Would write you know. A dollar thinking that was the garage sale value well the thrift shop value is actually a lot. Higher you know maybe five to ten dollars it depends on on the jeans but there's a little app there you can just look, up like women's jeans and it'll give you a price on them and you donate five pairs you know and it'll, add it all up for you and put the day and you can put in the name of the charity and all that kind of stuff and and at the, end of the year there you go, by the way.

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